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Any man, woman, or dog who works in the Landscaping industry will know that it's a demanding but rewarding trade. You are the go-to tradesperson to take care of the entire outside world (or at least the part that the client owns). We in the UK love a good spot of gardening, but having the foundations in place takes skill, craftsmanship and experience. A Landscaper helps to paint your perfect outdoor picture. Whether that's building walls or fences for privacy, planting herb gardens, creating flower beds, or adding a pond with fish. You name it, a landscaper will take care of it. 

At Rhino Trade Insurance, we are delighted to know thousands of tradesmen and women up and down the UK. We have been providing trade insurance for a whole manner of trades for years, and that's why we are here to explain how Landscapers can get the right cover they need.

The importance of LANDSCAPERS insurance

For Landscapers, there are no two days that are the same. As a skilled tradesperson, you'll most likely be tasked with developing bespoke outdoor designs that fit the customer's garden. One day you may be commissioned to develop a plan for a new client. Next, you may be fitting a built-in BBQ and canopy (let's hope they save you a burger). 

Being a Landscaper is a creative job that also needs plenty of practical skills. You will undoubtedly face various risks and hazards throughout your day. Not only are you using dangerous tools, working at heights, and coming into contact with other trades and members of the public. You could also find yourself providing design advice that (if something goes wrong) you could be held responsible for. 

That's why having trade insurance as a Landscaper makes perfect sense for your budding business. Rhino has the lot needed to keep you and your business safe, from Public Liability Insurance to Tool Insurance, Professional Indemnity to Personal Accident Insurance.

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Public Liability Insurance for LANDSCAPERS

Whether you are starting on your Landscaping journey or are a seasoned professional, Rhino Trade Insurance can offer Public Liability Insurance at various levels of cover. But why, as a Landscaper, do you need Public Liability Insurance? 

Public Liability Insurance is the most common form of insurance used in the trade industry. It's not a legal requirement, but don't let that fool you. Without it, you are leaving yourself open to a whole load of trouble. Public Liability Insurance is there for when you have a bad day, and all hell breaks loose. Suppose your business comes into contact with members of the public or third parties. In that case, this insurance covers you if you cause any damage to their property or injure a customer in the process of completing your work. 

Imagine working on a large garden, needing different tools and machines to get the job done and (thanks to the great British weather), large gusts of wind blow some materials into the customer's conservatory and smash a few windows. It's an honest mistake, but you'll most likely be held liable for this. Rhino Trade Insurance offers Public Liability Insurance to Landscapers for just £6.07 a month, and our cover options range from £1 million up to £5 million on request. Don't leave your business exposed. Get a quick and easy quote now.


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Why Do I Need LANDSCAPER Insurance?

Whether you are a self-employed tradie or running a fully-fledged Landscaping business, you will hold a duty of care to yourself, your clients, members of the public and anyone who works for you. Although you strive to deliver the best possible work at the most optimum level, accidents can and will happen, and that's where trade insurance, more specifically Landscaper protection, could save your bacon. At Rhino, we offer a variety of different insurance options, all worthwhile to your business. Here at some of the most popular for Landscapers:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

As there are two parts to the job of a Landscaper - design and build, you may be best served considering a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy on top of your standard insurance. This type of insurance protects you if you provide any drawings, design advice, or expertise as part of the job and something goes wrong because of that advice. If a client claims that you provided dodgy information and have suffered a loss because of it, you could be required to pay compensation to rectify the situation. 

No one intended to provide bad advice, so Professional Indemnity Insurance covers your back in the situation. It costs £19.60 a month and offers up to £2 million indemnity. Please find out more in our popular blog post here.

Tool Insurance

Tool Insurance is one of our most popular add-ons among tradespeople. Without your tools, you simply won't be able to do your job. How many tradies do you know who have lost everything through theft? For a mere £45 a year, you could insure all of your prized possessions in case they are stolen or damaged, and that includes whilst 'in-transit' or 'temporarily housed' in your vehicle. 

We have loads of helpful information on Tool Insurance for Landscapers. Find out more here. 

Employers' Liability Insurance

As a Landscaper, you'll most likely have employees helping you get the job done, especially if you have a large job on the cards. That's where you need Employes' Liability Insurance. This form of insurance is a legal requirement if you have any staff members working on your job. It covers you if they suffer from injury, death or cause an accident on-site and make a claim against you. 

Our policy starts at £72.80 a year and is a popular addition to tradesmen and women taking out our Public Liability Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance 

This type of insurance has been designed with Landscapers in mind as it protects your business in case of several legal issues arising. You may find yourself in an employment dispute, criminal prosecution, health and safety argument, property disagreement, or called up for Jury Service. This cover is for those moments and offers up to £50,000 in legal fees should you need to make a claim. 

You can find out about Legal Expenses Insurance and all of our popular cover options by checking out this page. Have you got any questions? Give us a bell on 0116 243 7904.


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How Much Does LANDSCAPERS Insurance Cost?

As we mentioned above, Landscaper businesses come in different shapes and sizes. Some could focus solely on turfing, patios and seating areas, others may do fencing, walls and garden ponds, whilst some may do the whole lot. Businesses across the land are unique in their services, so when it comes to the cost of your insurance, we consider a variety of points. 

The easiest way to find out the cost is to get a quote from our quick online shop - the reason it's so quick? We don't ask for your life story like most other comparison websites. 

To get more of an idea of what goes into making your quote, we take into consideration the following: your business size, turnover, how many people work for you, your contract value, your location, the trade you do, whether you hold any trade associations and other things. 

We want to understand your exposure to risk and how likely/unlikely it is for an accident to happen through your work. 



Why Choose Rhino for your LANDSCAPERS Insurance?

Now, we've planted our trees, and the sun is beginning to come out; the project is nearly complete, so why choose Rhino for your Landscaper Insurance? Our quotes are often 40% cheaper than most of the industry. What's more, we have thousands of tradies reviewing us, who (for want of a better word) are chuffed with our service. 

We have spent many hours creating bespoke tradesman insurance policies with you in mind, so why not give us a call on 0116 243 7904 or check out our online shop here.

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