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Painter and Decorator Insurance will give you the peace of mind you deserve when things don't quite go to plan. An unhappy customer, someone taking a random slip and fall in your working area, or an accident where third-party property is damaged can all wreak havoc on your finances if you’re uninsured. And what about having your tools stolen - another expensive and time-consuming setback. 

But isn’t sorting insurance a right hassle? Not at all. Here at Rhino, we have experts primed and ready to help sort out the right insurance needed for your painter and decorator business in just a few minutes.


You’ll hear us talking about Public Liability Insurance a lot here at Rhino.

Public Liability Insurance for painters and decorators is the core coverage that no painter and decorator should go without. It’s your essential protection against the cost of third-party claims – covering damages, compensation, legal costs and more. Tradesman insurance like this can make or break your business, so don’t delay if you don’t have it in place. 

Are you looking for painters and decorators Public Liability Insurance? Let's see what Rhino can offer you:

  • Starts at just £72.80 annually for £1M cover.
  • Three levels of cover for Public Liability Insurance: £1M, £2M and £5M
  • Excess of £500 as standard on all claims.
  • Free mid-term adjustments, no admin fees.
  • Interest-free monthly payment options, no Direct Debit fees.
  • Can be purchased online or over the phone.
  • Employers Liability Insurance add-on available.
  • Instant certificates and documentation.

Furthermore, you'll find that our painter and decorator liability insurance covers commercial and domestic situations. So long as you aren't repainting the outside of a jet in mid-air, you should be covered. 



Working for yourself or running a small business can be challenging enough without dealing with a major setback. These can include things like unsatisfied customers, accidental property damage, unexpected tax enquiries or an injury to yourself or an employee. It can all be stressful and expensive. Rhino Trade Insurance for painters and decorators provides cover for the unforeseen so that you can get on with running your business. 

Things going wrong, especially in the hazardous trade industry, might be unavoidable. But you can protect yourself, your customers, your employees and your reputation by taking out the right level of decorator business coverage.


Importance of Public Liability Insurance for Painters and Decorators

Being covered by Public Liability Insurance will send the message to your customers (and potential customers) that you are a trustworthy tradesperson who takes accountability for any potential issues that might arise. You’re demonstrating to the world that you are able to cover any costs that might come from unfortunate events during the course of your work. Unsurprisingly, this will be a selling point when attracting new customers, many of whom won’t work with uninsured tradespeople in any case.

You will protect yourself from the cost of third-party claims, too. These are common in the painting and decorating industry due to the many dangers that present themselves. With Public Liability Insurance, the costs of claims will be borne by your insurer, so you can relax.


Why does a painter and decorator need insurance?

OK, the painting and decorating game might not be as dangerous as deep-sea diving, but it’s still one of the riskier professions you can do on dry land. Rhino offers add-on policies like Personal Accident Insurance, Income Protection Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance to make sure every eventuality, whether it affects yourself, a customer or an employee, are covered.

Here are a few of the risk factors your average painter and decorator faces on the job:

  • Falls from height

A well-known pitfall of working in the painting and decorating trade. Ladders and scaffolding, however safely you erect them, mean a hazardous working area and falls from height leading to injury are not uncommon. 

  • Injuries from tools and equipment

From your basic scrapers and brushed to electric sanders and paint mixers, there’s always scope for injury when using the tools of a painter and decorator’s trade. 

  • Chemicals and fumes

Luckily, most modern paint is non-toxic, but there will always be cases where you’re working on renovations where lead-based paint is present. Also, many paint strippers that you’ll use on a daily basis may contain potentially harmful chemicals.

  • Skin problems

Contact dermatitis and other skin issues are common occupational hazards for painters and decorators. Whether it’s from rubber gloves, chemicals or even washing your hands too frequently, this is a known risk that can lead to time off work and medical concerns for both you and your employees.

  • Mould

Stripping a damp wall can release potentially toxic mould spores into the air around you which can eventually lead to health conditions. Even with the right PPE, you could end up with these particles settling into your hair and onto your skin.

  • Property damage

Think of all the kit you need to take to even the smallest job. With the ladders, tools, tins of paint and chemicals, trays, sheets, scissors and adhesives you lug around it’s unsurprising that property damage claims from disgruntled customers aren’t uncommon.


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What insurance do painters and decorators need?

The gold standard professional painter insurance is Public Liability Insurance. but what else might a self-employed painter and decorator need to keep their business protected?

  • Personal Accident Insurance

Your Public Liability Insurance policy doesn’t cover accidents and injuries to yourself. Personal Accident cover with Rhino is a valuable add-on policy which will pay out a lump sum if you have an accident and can’t work for a period of time.

  • Income Protection Insurance

This can also be added to your insurance package with Rhino. Income Protection cover is a smart choice for self-employed tradespeople, as it will pay a regular sum of up to £2,500 per month should something happen to you meaning you’re unable to work. 

  • Employer’s Liability Insurance

This insurance covers claims for staff who've become ill or injured due to working for you. It’s compulsory if you’re an employer (unless you only employ close family, or if you’re the sole employee of your own limited company). Going without this cover isn’t an option as you’ll be fined £2,500 per day if you don’t have it! Luckily it can be bought as a low-cost add-on policy to your Public Liability coverage for painters with Rhino.

  • Tools in Transit Insurance

Keeping those tools protected is key if you’re going to make money from them. Rhino’s Tools in Transit Insurance will protect your painter and decorator toolkit up to £7,500, meaning you can rest easy even if they’re lost, stolen or damaged.


Claims Process for Painter and Decorator Insurance

We hope you won’t need to make a claim on your insurance, but if you do, it’s a straightforward process with Rhino. Be sure to notify us as soon as possible of a claim or even potential claim. There is a time limit on most claims, usually 48 hours, so don’t waste any time in letting us know.

Claims should be made by contacting Rhino Claims as soon as soon as possible:

Telephone: 01455 852100
Or by post:

Claims Department
Rhino Protect Ltd
Windsor House
Troon Way Business Centre
Humberstone Lane

For Employers Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance, your claim will be referred to the Insurers of your policy to undertake an assessment of your claim.

Please ensure your policy number is quoted in any correspondence to help speed things along.

Why choose Rhino?

Rhino are experts in tradesman insurance. It’s what we do, and we’re good at it!

Our team has many years of experience handling various policies for trade professionals just like you. What's more, Rhino has covered thousands of painters and decorators across the UK and worked hard with our partners and underwriters to craft the best insurance policies for painters and decorators on the market, offering comprehensive cover at very competitive rates. So, let's not waste any more time and get you started!

Call the friendly team at Rhino HQ today on 0116 350 1552 to discuss your business’s insurance needs. If you’d rather get an idea of what you might need yourself, head over to our online quick quote engine and enter a few details about your business to see your personalised quote in just a minute or two.


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