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You will know that working in Property Maintenance as an engineer is not easy for anyone. You put in a lot of time and effort to get your rewards! Property Maintenance Engineers can handle a variety of areas and need knowledge in several areas. It's because of this that accidents and injuries can result from lifting heavy objects, using dangerous tools, and working at heights. As a result, you should think of your business insurance policy in this field of work.

But what kind of insurance can you buy? How will it benefit your business, is property maintenance insurance necessary and how much will it cost?

The importance of PROPERTY MAINTENANCE engineer insurance

Almost daily, you will work in conditions that could cause damage or pose significant risks to you, your business, or members of the general public. You will wear many hats as a professional, ensuring the upkeep and order are kept in a specific property. 

Because of this, having a solid policy for your property maintenance business is of the utmost importance. If you make a mistake while repairing a lift or injure someone whilst working at height, you could be in for a costly bill and potentially a legal fight. In these cases, Property Maintenance Insurance will protect you.


Property Maintenance Insurance


Public Liability Insurance FOR Property maintenance engineers

As a Property Maintenance Engineer, your business would benefit tenfold by having Public Liability Insurance. At Rhino Trade Insurance, our insurance whizzes have developed excellent cover options tailored to your industry's requirements. If something goes wrong, you will face a significant challenge to your business if you don't have this cover in place.

Since it provides the foundation for all other policy options, it is our most popular insurance product. From Public Liability Insurance, everything else grows. It's there to keep you safe from causing injury to a customer or damaging a customer's property.

Depending on your requirements, you can get coverage from £1 million to £5 million, and our policies start at just £6.07 per month.

Get a better understanding of our Public Liability Insurance:

  • Monthly protection insurance starts at £6.07!
  • Our standard excess is £500 for any liability claim that is not directly attributable to the use of heat. 
  • Coverage for £1 million, £2 million & £5 million.
  • You will not be charged any administrative fees.
  • Use our monthly Direct Debit offer, which applies to all policies and doesn't charge interest.
  • You can immediately access your certification and documentation by logging into your online account. We will even email it to you.


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Why Do I Need PROPERTY MAINTENANCE engineer Insurance?

As a Property Maintenance specialist, insurance will shield you financially from any shocks that might affect your business. This could be due, among other things, to damages caused by you and your employees, injuries to yourself, your employees, or members of the public, stolen items, or not enough information being shared.

Your property maintenance insurance saves you from large payouts for legal fees or compensation in case of a costly error. Allowing you to keep calm and carry on with your work.

Rhino Trade Insurance offers the following kinds of insurance to Property Maintenance Engineers and their businesses:

Because it provides the essential protection you need if you cause damage, injury, or death to your customer or their property while you are at work, public liability insurance helps to protect your business.

If you have others working for you, you are liable for them during work hours. This cover shields the policyholder should an individual from your staff get harmed or cause harm while at work. Keep in mind that employers are lawfully required to carry this insurance in the United Kingdom.

Do you know of somebody who has had their tools stolen? Probably, you do! Sadly, nearly half of tradespeople experience tool theft at some point, and if your tools are stolen, having the appropriate insurance may be your only form of defence.

This insurance is needed by anyone working on a construction site. It includes the contract's value, in-house and hired machinery, employee equipment, and more.

Any professional's legal insurance covers the costs of defending and asserting a legal claim. It can cover everything from debt collection to property disputes if a policyholder ever needs to file a legal claim or go to court.

If an accident prevents you from working, our insurance covers you with a lump sum payment. Additionally, it provides a daily hospital benefit and covers a variety of potential accidents or injuries. Fundamentally helping to keep the doors open to your business. 

Income protection insurance protects the policyholder if they are unable to work as a result of an injury or illness. We offer a variety of indemnity levels for our insurance, which can cover up to a year's worth of sick leave. This is extremely popular for those who work for themselves. 

Because it safeguards you in the event that HMRC launches an investigation into your tax status, Tax Enquiry cover is extremely beneficial. Don't worry; let us handle your circumstances. Don't get a sweat on if the tax office comes knocking.


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How Much Does Property Maintenance engineer Insurance Cost?

A quote for your Property Maintenance work shouldn't take forever or cost the earth. We ask a few questions, which include the following elements:

  • What your trade is?
  • The level of cover required
  • The number of employees needing cover
  • Your business’ turnover

We then take this info, and our speedy quote system pumps out a value in less than a minute. With that, our insurance experts can set you up in a matter of minutes as long as you are happy. 

"Quote and insurance done in just a few minutes. Price is cheaper than I used to pay." Dipesh B. - Rhino Customer.


Why Choose Rhino for your property maintenance engineer Insurance?

Rhino Trade Insurance provides tradespeople with straightforward protection, free from jargon and confusing terminology. As evidenced by our super-slick quote process, we take great pride in providing service that is quick and painless. 

Want to speak with a real person based in the UK? Call us at 0116 243 7904 or get a quote right now in less than 60 seconds.


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