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As a hardworking professional in the Roughcasting field, you will be aware that the work is demanding, intricate and carries varied levels of risk. Handling specific materials and working at heights can cause stress, injury and accidents. Considering what type of insurance your business needs is therefore paramount to your everyday working life. As a Roughcaster, your business is like any other; you deal with customers and suppliers and will need to weigh up the hazards associated with your work. If something did go wrong on one of your worksites, having protection will ensure your business stays afloat should you owe compensation. 

Rhino Trade Insurance offers various levels of cover for your business. We have policies that can build up to give your business 360 coverage. Ask yourself, is it worth risking your hard work when you could simply take out a cost-effective insurance policy to protect yourself?


As a home improvement professional who instals fresh, new appearances to customers' homes and properties, you will control various materials and have the customers' expensive assets in your hands. Could your business survive if something went wrong and cost thousands of pounds worth of damage? In a trade with plenty of risks and hazards, one wrong move and your business could have a hefty bill to pay.. 

For these reasons and more, having a sufficient level of trade insurance is a must for Roughcasters. You are a respected trade, after all. You make customers' homes look more presentable and homely. Additionally, your clients will expect you to protect yourself and the work with an adequate insurance policy. Insurance isn't supposed to be a headache. It's a business-critical product that adds peace of mind to every piece of work you do. Knowing that if you cause an injury or damage, you will be covered. 

You may be the most astute tradesperson around, but that doesn't mean you are exempt from accidents. Purchasing a good level of insurance that covers your business needs is one of the best decisions you will make. With that said, Rhino Trade Insurance has created various trade insurance policies that can all be moulded to your precise business needs.



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Public Liability Insurance for ROUGHCASTERs

Taking out insurance should be easy. You want an open, transparent insurance provider that makes your journey as straightforward as possible. The policy experts at Rhino have done this and more. Our team has crafted several policies that can be built to make a complete suite of trade insurance coverage. On top, we have engineered an incredible customer experience so that you can easily call us and get a quote or simply through our online price engine. 

Public Liability Insurance for Roughcasters is the most general form of insurance you will take out; every other policy extends from this. Public Liability will protect your business in a trying time; let's say you cause damage to property, injure a customer or passerby or inflict accidental death, then your insurance will protect you against these risks. Our coverage can be tailored to whatever level your business needs and ranges from £1 million, £2 million and £5 million pounds. 

In the UK, you aren't legally bound to hold this cover. Without it, you are taking a risk that simply isn't a good idea. Once you set up your trade business, the next step should be getting adequate insurance. If you went on-site and something goes wrong, you would be held liable and have to pay a whopping bill. Let's explore what other areas of your business you can protect against.


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Having a good level of insurance protection is vital for several reasons. The main one is that it will help your business through a testing time if a claim is made. Risks are rife in the trades, and one slip could result in major damage. So avoiding insurance isn't the smartest thing to do. At Rhino, our experts have created various policies to cover your work. To get a better idea of how you can build a policy, check out what we offer here:

  • Employers Liability Insurance - As a Roughcaster, you'll possibly have employees on the books to help with your projects. Employers' Liability Insurance protects you  if they get injured on the job or get ill. If you do have staff, having this insurance is a legal requirement for businesses in the UK.
  • Tool Insurance - Your line of work will use varied tools specific to your work. Some of these may be costly, and others could be sentimental. Protecting your tools is valuable for the sheer fact you cannot work without them. Our insurance protects tools from theft or damage. Get back on your feet immediately by covering your tools today.  
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - As Roughcasters provide a visual service (the outside of customers' properties), you may be hired to offer design advice and professional expertise to contractors and builders. Professional Indemnity Insurance protects against any bad advice you give, resulting in the main contractors losing out financially. 
  • Personal Accident Insurance - A top-rated protection is covering yourself for Personal Accidents. As a self-employed tradesman or woman, you need to work to earn. If you are laid up with an injury or need time off due to illness, our insurance will provide you with financial protection. This is so you can be paid, take care of your bills and more when you are out of action. 

As well as these vital pieces of cover for Roughcasters, you can explore other protective options for areas such as Tax, Legal Defence, Gadgets and more.


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Regardless of what you do for work, purchasing a custom-fit insurance policy shouldn't burn through your finances. Rhino Trade Insurance is continually searching for ways to keep our costs low. Fortunately, we offer our solutions up to 40% cheaper than most other industry competitors. With those savings, you could buy yourself a new power tool or treat your team to a full English or more! 

Understanding how we calculate a price for your cover is easy. We don't ask for every detail in the past three years. We simply need to understand what level of cover you seek, how many employees you have working at your business, if you have a claims history, what your business turnover is and a few other minor pieces of information. 

As we stated earlier, our ethos is to be as simple and straightforward as possible. After receiving this information, you will get a quote in less than a minute. Can we back up our claims? Check out all the five-star ratings we have from people in the trades today.



Why Choose Rhino for your ROUGHCASTER INSURANCE?

Rhino Trade Insurance has all of your trade insurance worries covered. We may sound biassed, but we believe we offer the best service and protections for tradespeople in the UK. Moreover, we focus entirely on the trades industry, so our service is constantly finding ways to improve through communication with the people we cover. 

If you are looking for dependable cover that has a team packed full of personality behind it, then look no further. Our team is available on 0116 243 7904 and can be reached six days a week, or you can also check out our online shop anytime you see fit.


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