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Subcontractor Insurance

As a bona fide subcontractor, the only thing better than lining up a lot of lucrative jobs is knowing you're covered by your subcontractor insurance. Just because you work for other contractors doesn’t mean you can skimp on the insurance that other tradesman need. 

Claims can arise unexpectedly from any work you do as a subcontractor, so having the right coverage in place is key to securing the top contracts, not to mention helping you sleep easy at night. If you’re a subcontractor who’s skilled in multiple trades, you will be exposed to an even higher level of danger, so let's look at how to get the coverage you need.


Public Liability Insurance for subcontractors is a must-have. It shields you and your business if you cause injury, property damage or accidental death among other things in the line of work. In this day and age, there’s no excuse for not having Public Liability Insurance as it’s so easy to take out. Rhino lets you do it in just a few minutes from your smartphone.

Rhino are experts in tradesman Public Liability Insurance, and we offer coverage available up to £5 million, with higher values possible upon request. 

Subcontractor public liability insurance cover summary

  • Starts at just £72.80 for £1million cover.
  • Three core levels of cover for Public Liability Insurance: £1million, £2million and £5million
  • Excess of £500 as standard on all claims.
  • Free mid-term adjustments, no admin fees.
  • Interest-free monthly payment options, no Direct Debit fees.
  • Can be purchased online or over the phone.
  • Employers Liability Insurance add-on available.
  • Instant certificates and documentation to your inbox.



The most obvious reason is because without it, you’ll have to foot the bill for any claims that come your way whilst working. You should know that these claims are common and can be extremely expensive to defend or settle.

Further to this, most general contractors won’t work with subcontractors unless they have Public Liability Insurance in place at the very least. Being protected by subcontractor liability insurance gives the contractor the reassurance they need that if anything happens on-site such as injury or property damage, the subcontractor’s insurer will bear the cost of putting it right.


Why Subcontractors need Public liability insurance

Because otherwise, they’re leaving themselves vulnerable to costly claims. Imagine the scenario: you are a subcontractor working for a main contractor carrying out work at height on a construction site. On-site, you accidentally kick a tool over the edge of the scaffold, injuring a pedestrian. If you don’t have Public Liability Insurance in place, you’d have to pay the injured pedestrian compensation and damages from your own pocket. Plus, it would reflect badly on the contractor if you were unable to settle the claim (this is why most reputable contractors won’t touch you with a bargepole unless you’re insured), and you’re unlikely to find work as easily next time.


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What’s typically covered by public liability insurance?

Public Liability Insurance will insure you against the cost of a third party bringing legal action against you for injury, death or property damage caused by you during the course of your work.

Rhino’s Public Liability Insurance covers both commercial and domestic situations. There are a few exclusions you should be aware of, for example, you won’t be covered for damage caused by radiation. Always refer to the Policy Wording document for full details.


What does Subcontractor Insurance include?

Subcontractor Insurance usually comprises a core Public Liability Insurance policy, alongside optional add-ons such as Personal Accident Insurance, Income Protection Insurance and to protect your tools and work vehicle, Tools in Transit Insurance and Van Insurance. If you work in construction, a policy like Contractors All Risks Insurance will protect your work-in-progress on the job site, including hired-in and owned plant and equipment. 

For extra assurance, policies like Legal Expenses Insurance will offer all-round protection for any eventuality, including defending yourself against legal issues such as Health & Safety prosecutions and other legal expenses. 

You can purchase all of these policies through Rhino at the same time, in one handy bundle.


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How does subcontractor insurance work?

Head over to Rhino’s quick quote engine and tell us a few details about your subcontractor business. This includes main trade, additional trade (if applicable) and annual turnover. Then, we’ll suggest which insurance coverage you need, and give you an idea of the cover limits that would be best to protect you as well as how much you can expect to pay in premiums. Choosing your cover is up to you – you can select only the policies you want to be part of your bundle. 

Rhino is proud to offer the best insurance policies for subcontractors on the market, offering comprehensive cover at very competitive rates. What’s more, you’ll benefit from the Rhino experience – including a seamless, fuss-free buyer experience and our market-leading customer support.

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