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Any skilled tradesperson working in the ventilation industry will tell you it's hard work. As a master of your craft, you should consider your insurance options because working on location brings a particular element of risk. Don't put your business's finances on the line. Get a comprehensive policy today and avoid any unwanted stress in the future.

Risk is apparent on every building site, and your business needs to be aware of how it can protect itself. Having a rock-solid insurance document in your arsenal could see you through a rough time, and Rhino Trade Insurance is here to provide you with everything you need.


As a reliable tradesperson who instals ventilation systems, you will manage expensive materials and utilise dangerous equipment; all of this could be hazardous and lead to harm being caused to yourself and anyone in your proximity. 

As a result, having a trade insurance policy that is suitable for your needs is very important. You could, for instance, need time off due to an accident or injury. Alternatively, you may cause damage through your work or, in the worst-case scenario, injure a member of the public. 

On-site mistakes can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are. In these situations, being protected by a comprehensive Ventilation Engineers Insurance policy from Rhino Trade Insurance will see you on the right track.



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Public Liability Insurance for VENTILATION ENGINEERS

Making insurance as simple as possible is our prerogative. Our specialised insurance quotes have been created by trade experts alongside tradespeople working in the industry. These policies can be purchased in just a matter of minutes, with Rhino able to provide you with a quote for coverage ranging from £1 million to £5 million, depending on the needs of your firm. 

Having Public Liability Insurance in your back pocket is the perfect safety card to play when you need it. It has fundamentally been designed to ensure your business is safe and secure if damage is caused to a client's property or you injure a customer through your work. It even stretches to accident death. 

Tradespeople encounter various risks daily, and even the most astute ventilation expert can get things wrong. That's why ensuring your finances are secured through a quality insurance policy is paramount for the everyday running of your business.


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Insurance is absolutely necessary when considering ways to shore up your business protection. Running a business can be tricky, and there may be times when it seems like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Don't let this compound with the worry of something going wrong and being unprotected. Leaving your business without adequate insurance could prove a disaster. From getting injured on a job to one of your employees causing damage to a customer's property, we have policies available to cover all instances.  

The team at Rhino Trade Insurance can offer ventilation contractors a variety of insurance options to meet their needs. The following are some of the most common additions to a Public Liability Policy:

  • Employers Liability Insurance - Employers Liability covers their business should the employee become sick or injured whilst working for the business. PL covers damage to the property etc.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - A ventilation Engineer working on a project and charging a fee for professional design or advice could see their work end in a claim. This is true for any work that causes a client to lose money due to dodgy advice setting their project back. 
  • Tool Insurance - This one is top-rated for those who want to safeguard their most prized tools. It covers your work tools and equipment in the event of theft or damage - on top of this, you are covered overnight (subject to contract terms)
  • Personal Accident Insurance - Your income will soon run out if you get hurt at work and need time off. This insurance guarantees that you will continue to be paid while you recuperate!

​​In addition to these policies, we offer a plethora of other helpful insurance options for your business.


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Buying a custom insurance policy shouldn't drain your finances, no matter what trade you work in. Rhino's staff always pushes to keep our prices as low as possible. Some of our most popular policies can be up to 40% cheaper than our industry competitors.

To give you an accurate price, we will consider a few things. This information can include: your turnover rate, claims history, number of staff, and how much coverage you require.

You can obtain a quote in just sixty seconds by entering your information into our convenient online quote system. Check out what other tradespeople have to say about our five-star service here.




Rhino Trade Insurance provides the best insurance in the UK for hardworking tradespeople. You can get protection for nearly every aspect of your business at reasonable prices. Our award-winning policies, quick and efficient customer service, and simple quote process have made your trade insurance journey as easy as possible.

We have spoken with tradespeople daily for years, so we know how important it is to tailor each policy to your industry. With that in mind, why don't you get in touch immediately with a genuine Rhino employee in our Leicester office? If you want to call them, you can reach us at 0116 243 7904 or get a quick and easy quote from our online shop here.


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