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Why Do Plumbers Need Insurance?

Plumbers need insurance to make sure they are covered when working on a job. It does not matter if you’re working on site or in a client’s home, having insurance in place is vital in keeping yourself safe, your client’s property covered and your tools secure.

Why do Plumbers Need Tools Insurance?

Plumbers usually carry many expensive tools and equipment to carry out their work, not to mention heavy duty tools to perform more important plumbing jobs. There are alarming statistics out there about Tool Theft and following research we carried out to over 300 clients throughout December, we discovered that over 50% of Rhino clients have either been affected by or know someone who has been affected by Tool Theft.

Keeping your tools safe is very important regardless of what trade you work in, and for plumbers it can mean the difference between being able to work and not being able to perform your job. Rhino Tools in Transit insurance can ensure that a plumber has their tools covered should they be damaged or stolen from their van or commercial vehicle, even overnight. That means that a plumber can be safe in the knowledge that if the worst happens and their vehicle is broken into or stolen, at least they can get their tools replaced in a timely fashion at no expense to the policyholder other than a small excess fee.

Why do Plumbers Need Accident & Sickness Insurance?

Being a plumber means that you are often working in and out of people’s houses, up and down stairs and even in people’s lofts. Manual labour can be a physical exertion, so it is advised that anyone either going into or currently working in the plumbing trade considers insurance that keeps them safe and ensures that they are able to work effectively.

Also, if you are self-employed you are responsible for ensuring that you are financial stable, even if you are unable to work. Being your own boss means that you do not benefit from perks such as sick pay or death in service, much like your employed counterparts. With this in mind, having accident and sickness insurance in place provides income protection insurance if you were ever unable to work.

Having an accident in or out of work is not uncommon for plumbers, so having personal accident insurance gives you the peace of mind that you will still earn a wage should an accident leave you unable to perform your work.

Why Do Plumbers Need Public Liability Insurance?

Simply put, Plumbers need public liability insurance to ensure that they are covered financially should they ever make a mistake at work that results in financial loss.

It is very important for Plumbers to be able to assure customers and clients that they have the correct insurance in place before starting work. Having public liability insurance in place gives the customer the peace of mind that should something go wrong, then the plumber will be able to make a claim on their insurance.

Insurance acts as a financial back stop in the event of an accident or occurrence that causes the end client financial loss, and the tradesperson is held liable. Public liability insurance in this case covers the policyholder if third party property, or even a member of the public is damaged as a result of the work carried out.

We offer many types of policies at Rhino covering a range of eventualities designed specifically with plumbers in mind, meaning that anyone working on the tools as a plumber can get the assurance necessary to work safely and operate compliantly on site or in a customer’s home.

Plumbers: we’ve got you covered.

Popular plumber's insurance

plumber pl

Plumber Public Liability Insurance

  • Covers you if your client/public suffers and injury or damage to their property which was your fault.
  • Pays out for legal expenses and compensation owed by your business
  • Important to choose your level of cover
tools insurance

Tools in Transit Insurance

  • Covers your tools. Perfect for you if you regularly carry tools in your vehicles
  • Pays out to cover the cost of repair/replacement
  • Important if you rely on the tools to earn your income
tax enquiry insurance

Tax Enquiry Insurance

  • Covers you if HMRC enquire into your tax affairs.
  • Pays for accountants’ fees and, where required, professional representation.
  • Important as HMRC can enquire into your affairs as a matter of routine.  No wrong doing is needed for a visit from the taxman.

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