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Davina Chohan 23 December 2019

In the UK tool, tool theft is still a national crisis. Every 23 minutes a van is broken into and tools are stolen from it. It affects small business all around the country. 

On average, according the National Federation of Master builders (FMB) more than half (51%) of UK builders have had their tools stolen. 

At Rhino Trade Insurance, we understand the frustration this can cause and so we have put together some advice on how to prevent your tools from being stolen.


In a recent case which occurred in Hinxworth, Hertfordshire, 4 masked tool thieves stole items from a van within seconds. The men were able to take so many tools, that they struggled to fit them into their car.

Following on from this incident, the detective inspector from Hertfordshire Police has urged van owners to protect themselves from theft.

Find out more about this case click here.


It’s crucial to take the necessary steps in order to help prevent tool theft from occurring. Some of these steps include:

- Parking your vehicle in a secure place

- Storing your tools securely

- Taking your tools inside with you at night time

- Having extra locks on your van

- Having an alarm system installed in your van

Above from all of these, the most sensible step is to be insured. Checking that you have the right insurance policy or having tools in transit insurance is vital for your business. In an unfortunate situation, where your tools do happen to get stolen, you can be assured that you will be able to recover the cost of replacing your tools if they are stolen, which can also help your business get back up and running.

Considering tools in transit insurance? We’ve got you covered! Our tools in transit insurance covers you for a loss of up to £5,000 and we are one of the best priced on the market.


- Up to £5,000 cover for loss, damage or theft

- Cover for the cost of repair or replacement

- Overnight storage (subject to security conditions)

- Optional cover for multiple trades/business activities

- Instant cover with documents issued immediately

- Monthly or annual payment options

- UK telephone support

To find out more about our tools in transit insurance and get the best possible price for you, please get in touch!

As you are aware, tool theft can happen at any time so taking the necessary steps and protecting yourself with the right insurance policy is the key.

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