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The Top 5 Trade Influencers You Should be Following Right Now

Joel Clyne 02 September 2020

If you’re anything like me then you spend more time on YouTube than you do anything else. Whether you’re new to the trades or you’re a veteran in your field, watching other like-minded professionals on the job makes for interesting and often enlightening viewing. Throw in some hilarity and top banter and you’ve got a cocktail for a cracking social media influencer.

Below, take a look at Rhino’s top 5 favourite trade influencers right now:​

Trade influencers on youtube

Nick Bundy – Over 19K subscribers on YouTube

Nick Bundy is a self-employed Electrician who has risen the ranks of YouTube as a result of his likeable personality and expertise in the field of electrics. His honesty and insight have earned him an army of followers (some of his videos amassing almost 80,000 likes) and his quick wit and charm makes for a very enjoyable watch. Whether it’s his episodic YouTube videos or regular live Instagram feeds; watching Nick, along with his trusty sidekick Adam, is always good fun.

InstagramTwitterFacebook - YouTube


Andy Cam – Almost 40K followers on Twitter

He, loves, plumbing! Andrew Cam is a great advocate for plumbers nationwide. With regular activity on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, you name it, Andy Cam is there flying the flag for plumbing & heat engineers. Andy’s larger than life personality is infectious and his knowledge of the industry and his trade is unparalleled. With regular updates on all things plumbing and a light-hearted take on his craft, Andy is a must watch. You can also listen to Andy every week hosting the Heating & Plumbing Show on Fix Radio.

InstagramTwitterFix Radio - LinkedIn


The Bald Builders – Over 800,000 followers on Facebook

The Bald Builders are the gold standard for banter and entertainment in the construction industry. Honestly, these lads are hilarious and have really set the bar for how far trade influencers can go. From videos on Facebook amassing MILLIONS of views to viral stunts on YouTube, these boys are the busiest blokes in the trade. You can follow the Bald Builders on almost any social media channel, and they also host a Friday radio show on Fix Radio every week.

FacebookInstagramFix Radio - YouTube


Artisan Electrics – 20K subscribers on YouTube

Artisan Electrics is a fascinating account of the very busy life of a self-employed electrician. With over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube, Artisan Electrics lets his many viewers into the nitty gritty of working life, offering advice and helpful tips throughout. Whether you’re trying to find out new ways to install a charging point for an electric car or simply want to put your feet up whilst watching how to test a new consumer unit, Artisan Electrics is the account for you.

InstagramTwitterFacebook - YouTube


EGTE – Podcast & YouTube

The Electrician’s Guide to Everything is a podcast ran by the dynamic duo, Sam, and Ricky. Ricky and Sam are two electricians with a LOT to say on their industry and the trade. With regular guests the EGTE podcast offers a rare insight into the personal elements of the electrician industry, with great stories and thoughts shared on each episode. You can also catch what the boys have been up to on their social media platforms and most recently their YouTube channel. Check out EGTE for everything electrics.



What do you think of our list? Please let us know if there is anyone you guys think we’ve missed?

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