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The Risks of Hiring Uninsured Tradesman and Contractors

Rhino Trade Insurance 14 December 2021

Everybody loves a punt on the Saturday football fixture list. The lads and lasses down at the Rhino Trade Insurance office are the same, but we would never take a gamble when it comes to an uninsured tradesman. If something were to go spectacularly wrong, you’d be right in the deep end! 

So many things can go wrong when working on a building site, in a customer’s home or at a local business. You’ll no doubt be lugging around heaving equipment and materials, operating power tools all whilst arguing who’s turn it is to make the next brew. 

All of these situations can be a risk for you and your business and increase the chance of injury or damage. And if you hire an uninsured tradesman, you’re taking an even more significant risk leaving yourself liable for anything that goes wrong on the job. 

That’s where Rhino Trade Insurance comes to the table. We offer various insurance policies for tradesmen across the UK. Whether you’re a contractor, sub-contractor, employee or run a business with a handful of vans. We have the cover needed to give you that peace of mind should the worst happen. And without further ado, let’s explain the risks of hiring uninsured tradesmen. 

What could go wrong? 

The problem right off the bat is that if you hire an uninsured tradesman to work on your project and something goes wrong, you will be liable to payout any costs that cover any of the following:

Injuries being caused

A self-employed tradesman or contractor should always take out the right and proper insurance cover in case their work causes injury to themselves, their clients or a member of the public. It may seem unfair, but if an incident happens on your property with an uninsured tradesman, then you could be held liable, and you could end up paying out medical bills or other costs associated with the injury. 

Damage to a property

You could be the highest rated plumber on TrustPilot, have the most 5 stars on Checkatrade or come with a glowing list of word of mouth reviews. Even with all this to show, accidents are always likely to happen. Even the safest pair of hands can drop a changer - just look at David Seaman. 

Damage to the property could come in various forms, from leaving a faulty fitting, scratching the properties flooring, smashing a window or flooding the kitchen. The worst part? If they are an uninsured tradesman and something goes wrong, you could be the one lumbered with a massive bill. 

What Insurance should a tradesman have?

Public Liability Insurance for Tradesmen 

Every tradesman should have trade insurance. If they don’t, they are taking a considerable risk. Rhino Trade Insurance has worked with thousands of trades over the years, and undoubtedly our most popular trade insurance policy is Public Liability Insurance. This fantastic little piece of paper with your business name covers you if a customer, client or member of the public sustain an injury from the work you are carrying out. Whatsmore, it also covers for accidental damage to the property in question or if somebody dies on-site due to your work. This policy is designed to give you the air of invincibility.

Rhino’s policy is a snip, starting at £6.07 a month depending on the level of indemnity you want and is the most common type of tradesman insurance. Quite simply, it’s a business-critical insurance policy that, without it, means you are taking significant risks - don’t be that type of guy!

If you’re unsure of the amount of cover you need, don’t go without Insurance, get in touch with one of our UK experts now, and they’ll help you. We can provide Public Liability Insurance cover from £1 million, £2 million & £5 million - hey big spender!

Employers Liability Insurance for Trade Businesses

If you commission a tradesman to come and work at your property and they come with staff members, they will need to have insurance cover for them too, by law! Rhino Trade Insurance designed a cracking policy for Employers Liability Insurance which has become a popular add-on to Public Liability cover. 

This policy has been created so that cover is in place in case a claim arises due to an injury or death of a worker whilst completing the work for your business. Sometimes, you may even find that having this policy is a contractual obligation. 

When looking for these two popular insurance policies, look no further than Rhino Trade Insurance. Our tailored Employer and Public Liability Insurance quotes are some of the best on the market. They are also the quickest - don’t be wasting your time signing your life away. Get a quote in 60 seconds hassle-free now.

How Do I Know if a Tradesman’s Insurance is legitimate? 

Anybody that you hire to come into your home, business or building site to undertake work is sufficiently covered with trade insurance in case of a catastrophe. Not to sound the alarm, but a small error can sometimes turn into a costly claim. You can simply ask the tradesperson for evidence of their cover. What you should be looking out for is:

  1. The business name on the policy document - as this needs to be the same as whoever it is you are hiring. 
  2. Check the dates of cover so that they are, in fact, covered at the time the work is done.
  3. Does the business description match that of the work that is being undertaken? Or does it say something completely different like ‘Cocktail maker at the local bar’?
  4. Finally, you want to check the level of indemnity they have in place. Does their cover seem sufficient for the work they are doing? Rhino offers cover levels from £1 million all the way to £5 million. So do their costs meet any potential losses they could sustain from the project in hand? 

Get in contact 

We hope this helps you when wondering who to hire next to work on your job. If you are a tradesman looking to get insured, look no further than Rhino Trade Insurance. We have spent countless hours deciphering all of the insurance jargon and created the most straightforward, easiest and most cost-effective trade insurance on the market. 

You can get a lightning-fast quote on our specially designed form online, or you could simply call one of our lovely UK team at our Leicestershire HQ. We have lots of knowledge to offer you, so come with questions and let’s end as partners. 

Until next time. 

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