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A Guide to Tiler Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 11 September 2022

If you run a tiling business, you'll be fully aware of the risks involved. You could be putting out fires from an employee inhaling dust and becoming ill, a customer cutting themselves on a loose tile or rescheduling work due to a tool robbery. 

It is vital to understand these risks and why it's essential to hold the right level and type of tiler insurance. That's where Rhino Trade Insurance comes to help you out. We are here to ensure you are covered and that your tiling business runs smoothly, no matter the impact. 

Why do you need Tiler insurance? 

You may wonder why you even need tiler insurance. Well, having insurance is a necessary evil. In a world of hazards, one wrong step and it could be the end of your business. Injuries, legal issues, van problems, damages and much more can all be used as ways to gain compensation from your business bank account. 

There is a full range of policies that can protect your business. We aren't here to confuse you. We want to share why having the right level of cover is important and what else you could get protection for. 

What does Tiler insurance cover?

There are a whole host of policies that can come under tiler insurance. All of which protect your business in their own individual way. You could decide to take our Public Liability Insurance, Employer's Liability Insurance or Contractors All Risks Insurance.

Other popular types of trade insurance that we offer include:

Is Public Liability Insurance valuable for a Tiler?

For anyone who runs a tiling business, whether a self-employed or a limited company, Public Liability Insurance offers protection for your business in case a public member, customer or supplier makes a claim against you because of injury or damage to their property. 

You could, for example, be tiling a kitchen and injure a customer by spilling some water, causing them to slip over. Alternatively, you may cause damage by tiling over an electrical outlet and trip the power. In both of these examples, a tiler may face claims against damages and injury. Instead of footing the bill yourself , your Public Liability Insurance can cover your back and pay any compensation owed. 

Although you aren't legally required to hold Public Liability Insurance, you'd be mad not to take out a policy. Insuring your business with Rhino is far cheaper than any potential damages bill  you would face. Quite frankly, it gives you peace of mind as a business owner and gives you one less thing to worry about. 

Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we offer some of the best rates on the market. You can get fantastic protection from just £6.07 a month - an absolute steal! We offer protection for whatever level you need ranging from £1 million up to £5 million on request. 

Get a Quote now.

What about Employers' Liability Insurance?

Having Employers' Liability Insurance protects you if you have any staff members working for your business. 

As a tiler, if you employ a team to go out and tile people's homes, then you will need this type of cover. Without it, you are breaking the law and could be fined up to £2,500 a day!

At Rhino Trade Insurance, tradespeople across the UK regularly add this to their current policy. It's simple to do and protects any employer from a claim that results from an employee causing injury or damage whilst working for you. 

Please find out more from our dedicated page for tilers now. It could cost you just £6.07 a month - a bargain!

What else could I get insurance for?

Tools Insurance

Working as a tiler will have you on-site, going in and out of properties and using different tools in different locations. Tool theft is sadly on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down, so Tool Insurance has become a prevalent go-to policy for all trades. 

For as little as £3.75 a month, you could find yourself protected in case of damage or theft of your vital weapons. Our policy can pay out up to £10,000 worth of value for tools going awol. 

Find out more about our coverage here. 

Legal Expenses Insurance

Having Legal Expenses Insurance will protect your business from any financial implications that originate from a legal dispute. If you ever find yourself in court, it can be a pricey affair, and that's where our insurance helps you out. 

Legal disputes can arise from property claims, employment tribunals, general disputes or criminal prosecutions. 

Rhino's Legal Expenses Insurance has fastly become a very popular add-on to your Public Liability Insurance as it costs as little as £6.44 a month and offers a vast library of protection. 

Find out more about this excellent cover and more now.

On top of these fan favourite policies, you can get awesome cover from Rhino Trade Insurance for Personal Accident Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Van Insurance, Income Protection and  Gadget Insurance.

How much does Tiler insurance cost?

Getting a quote for your tiling business shouldn't be a run on the bank. We aim to bring you a quote in less than 60 seconds and are, on average, up to 40% cheaper than most industry competitors. 

With that said, every business is different and has different things they want to cover. To get a basic idea of what you will be asked, we will need to know the following:

  • Your business turnover
  • Size of your business
  • Nature of your trade
  • Health and Safety History
  • Your trade industry
  • A handful of other factors

We take this information and calculate the best price for your business. We don't want to waste your time, so we make it simple and easy to purchase and get back to work. 

It's worth remembering that if you do any tiling work for specific clients such as councils, local government, public organisations or a main contractor, then you will most likely be required to hold a certain level of insurance - usually £2 million. 

How do claims work?

We understand that the thought of having to make a claim on your public liability insurance may seem like a daunting task, but we've made sure that the claims process is as simple and painless as our quote process. Having a slick claims process is just as important to us as making sure your prices remain low, so rest assured that as a Rhino customer, we've made it easy to make a claim (although we hope you never have to!).

If you would like to review our processes before making a decision then take a look at how easy it is to claim on your insurance policy here.

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Tiler insurance will give you the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, Rhino will have you covered. Our team are based right here in the UK and is ready to help you in case you need assistance. 

Our policies have been created with you, the tradesperson, in mind. And what's more, we have designed precise and specific cover for almost every trade. Find out more about Tiler insurance now by giving us a call on 0116 243 7904 or simply get yourself a quote online in under 1 minute. Visit our website here

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