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The top reasons learning a trade is the best career move you will ever make

Rhino Trade Insurance 16 December 2022

Have you ever wondered about becoming a tradesman or woman? For those who fancy living the dream of working in the trades, there can be a plethora of perks and benefits that ultimately make your work feel extremely rewarding. 

Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we offer a full suite of trade insurance products at affordable prices. We even tailor each piece of cover to your specific trade! 

So, whether you are just starting out or looking at a complete career change, we have several reasons why flying full force into learning a trade could be the best career decision you ever make. 

Trade skills are in high demand. 

Working as a tradesperson has always been a demanding job; however, since Covid, the want for your skills has catapulted into the stratosphere! As a professional in your field, you need a high degree of knowledge and technical skill, meaning there are only a select few who can do the job that needs doing. 

On top of this, in the UK, there is a major skills shortage in the trades, meaning there’s more demand but not enough supply, so great news for you, you should never be short of work! 

No burdensome student loans!

Everyone loves a party, but whilst the age-old generalisation of university students is taking place, the lads and lasses who are out there learning a trade aren’t being saddled with thousands of pounds of debt. There is also the added risk that attending university doesn’t guarantee you a job. 

The most up-to-date figure for a single-year university course is £9,000, which doesn’t include your living expenses. Compare that with learning to become a plumber, electrician or joiner; you are being paid a salary whilst also learning a valuable skill. 

You can earn a great salary. 

Your high earning potential as a self-employed tradesperson is a cracking benefit. As an industry with plenty of work in demand, the ceiling for the amount of money you earn depends entirely on how much you wish to work. 

If you want to work every hour the brisk British winters send and travel for two months in the summer, who are we to tell you what to do? You are your own boss. On top of this, if you set up a limited company, take on employees and grow your trade business, your earnings could skyrocket. Just don’t forget your insurance

To get an idea, here are some conservative estimates of the average salaries for tradespeople:

Electrician: £35,000 - £45,000 per year

Plumber: £32,000 - £37,000 per year

Builder: £31,000 - £33,000

Carpenter: £38,000 - £46,000

Robots can never replace you!

We are slowly seeing the world change with robotics. Self-driving cars, smart homes and self-service checkouts. But you can be sure that no robot could ever replace the trusty tradesman and woman. 

No matter how much computer code is written, we will always need an electrician, plumber or bricklayer. Instead of being replaced, the industry is learning to work together and adapt to new forms of technology. Take solar, wind, or heat pumps as one example. Tradespeople of all walks perform tasks they wouldn’t have done just ten years ago. 

The future of the trade industry is bright and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. 

And that’s not to mention…

As we briefly mentioned above, once you are fully qualified in your trade, you can go it alone and be your own boss! Many tradesmen and women work for themselves in the UK, having the ability to work the hours they want and deciding what work to do and not do. Of course, there are costs associated with running your own business. Still, they are generally outweighed by the salary you take home, the work you conduct and the variety of work available. 

With that said, tradespeople have been found to have one of the highest satisfaction rates when asked about their career. The main reason is due to creating or fixing a problem with their hands or minds, which can be a lot more satisfying than working behind a desk. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Rhino offers valuable insurance coverage for a variety of trades. With our super-slick online platform, we can easily offer you a tailored piece of insurance to protect your business. 

We have thousands of reviews from UK tradespeople and have awards from the likes of The Insurance Times to showcase the quality of our service. 

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