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Renovating your customers home to increase its value

Rhino Trade Insurance 28 December 2022

The housing market has been extra competitive in 2022, which has made people second guess whether to move or not. 

If you are a potential buyer, you could improve your home in many ways, thus increasing its value and gaining more space. Alternatively, if you are a tradesperson wanting to broaden your solutions for customers, we have a number of suggestions for you.

Storage, storage and more storage

Gone are the days when your customers are happy with simply storing their bits and pieces in the spare room, loft or shed. In 2022, utilising spaces for more creative outlets, extra rooms or work areas became the norm. 

That's why this is a golden opportunity for carpenters in the industry. The Instagram and TikTok craze of having minimal but beautiful storage solutions seems to bless every explore page. 

We smell an excellent opportunity for all our carpenter friends in the trade industry. Offering bespoke pieces to compliment a customer's home, save space and help store whatever they need could really maximise your business's fortunes.

Once a potential customer has scouted out potential tradespeople, they often check their social profiles to see whether their work is up to standard and the positive reviews are rolling in. It should go without saying that showcasing your skills and completed work on your social pages is an absolute must.

Get Smart

I, myself, have fallen for this trend in 2022. Having a 'smart home' has been a phrase bounced around for a few years now. However, technology like the Hive Heating App and plugs that allow you to control your whole home from an app make it seem like the smart revolution is truly here. 

The term 'smart home' was even viewed over 4 billion times on TikTok this year. This leads us to believe now is the time for any tradesperson out there with the opportunity to offer innovative solutions as part of their trade, should be! If you are a heating engineer, provide your customer with the chance to manage their heating via an app. 

There are various benefits, including the ability to see how much you are spending on energy and intelligent ways to save money. 

Landscape, like your life, depends on it.

Gardens and outside spaces have become just as important as a kitchen or spare room. As the year's pass, improvements being made to gardens are, quite frankly, outstanding!

The demand for features like bi-fold doors, outdoor fire pits, cookers, sinks, private areas and outbuildings is sky-high. 

Offering your clients these services should be top of your list and requires various skills from electricians, gardeners, plumbers and more. 

Just go green

Properties up and down the country are looking for more eco-friendly options (especially with the surge in energy costs). The time has come to offer your customers the best solutions for the future. 

Some of the biggest trends from searches in 2022 leaned towards solar panels, insulation techniques and EV chargers. 

Just think to yourself, how often do you see a new electric car? Electricians can and should be exploring new training possibilities to install EV charges in homes. A plumber should be checking out how to install heat pumps. Glaziers should check the regulations on installing bi-fold doors and triple or quadruple-layer windows. 

When going green, the possibilities for tradespeople are endless. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

No matter your trade, you can improve a client's home to suit modern standards. We at Rhino Trade Insurance have experts on-hand to craft specific trade insurance for almost every trade imaginable. 

If you want a quote in just a few minutes, get one here. Or, give our lovely team a call on 0116 243 7904.

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