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Tradesmen and Environmental Sustainability: How They Can Help Protect the Earth

Rhino Trade Insurance 07 February 2023

By its very nature, the construction industry uses a lot of natural resources. However, construction companies are under increasing pressure to lower their environmental impact due to growing concerns about climate change and the limited availability of resources.

The minimum requirements for a construction site are being redefined as a result of new building regulations. In terms of technology advancement, energy and building materials have been a number one target, with opportunities found to lessen the effects of your business's carbon footprint. In this article, Rhino wants to share a handful of beneficial methods in which you can keep your business on the straight and narrow when it comes to adopting a sustainable approach to building. 

What is sustainable construction?

Reducing the trade industry's impact on the environment is one of the main goals for sustainable building and construction. A variety of sustainable building techniques have been designed and improved that include:

  • Lowering the amount of energy used in building materials
  • Safeguarding and preserving natural habitats 
  • Decreasing the amount of energy used during a build
  • Utilising materials that are renewable and recyclable
  • Lowering the amount of waste produced on-site

How can I improve my trade business's environmental footprint?

Customers are increasingly likely to favour tradespeople who take the environment seriously. In 2023, customers will be ever more conscious about the damage being done to the planet through overconsumption. That's why improving your own sustainability can benefit both the environment and your business.

Make the switch to digital.

Kicking things off, consider the amount of paperwork a tradesman or woman uses when pricing jobs, giving out invoices or printing designs. Now think about how much paper you could save by using an online app instead. There are plenty of apps these days that can help you go paperless. Consider Xero, Quickbooks and Tradify for more ideas. On top of this, you will benefit from better efficiency and processes in your workflow.

Recycle when you can

Don't just dump your waste on the site or in a general waste unit. There are plenty of newer technologies being shared to help take care of waste. First, consider reusing or repurposing any leftovers you have from a job instead of disposing of them. To avoid putting items in a landfill, recycle as many of those that cannot be reused.

Time for EV/ Electric

Switching to an electric car or work van could be a quick win for your energy consumption. Many electricians reading this will be aware of the increase in EV charger installations. When the time comes to upgrade your work van, why not consider exploring electric options? Not only do they save on road tax and petrol, but they also make every trip and job greener. 

As an electrician, why not read about why you should consider installing EV chargers here

Source equipment and materials close to home

For any trade business that is looking to upgrade its tools or purchase materials for a job. Consider buying local as much as possible. We know you probably visit your local builder's merchants or hardware shop, and that's great. Let's build upon this and reduce our carbon footprint more. Buy any tools you need from your local shops. If you are there buying parts, it saves the extra journey and supply chain of ordering online. Although these are small steps, the more we all do helps to make our planet greener. 

Reduce your material waste

You can reduce your overall impact on the environment without spending a lot of money by making small, practical changes. This can include swapping items you use every day. For instance, any tradespeople using white spirit can replace this with cleaner alternatives straight away. Likewise, for any painters, decorators, builders, plasterers or whoever else using single-use plastic dust sheets, why not consider investing in one or two reusable biodegradable sheets? 

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Rhino Trade Insurance is committed to providing tradespeople with the best insurance possible. In addition, we want to provide you with insightful content that will enable you to make an educated decision regarding your next project. Hopefully, we can all aim to be that little bit better when it comes to sustainability and the trades. 

We want to ensure that everyone has the appropriate coverage because we care about the trade industry. It safeguards our customers and thus protects the customers they do work for. Get an impression of what our service is like here; we have bundles of five-star reviews

If you or someone you know needs trade insurance, look into what we have to offer today. Every policy we create is tailored to the specific needs of each trade. For quick quotes, call our team right now at 0116 243 7904 or go to our website for a quote.

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