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Boosting your business with a trade association membership

Rhino Trade Insurance 01 March 2023

Trade industry associations offer a variety of benefits for hardworking tradesmen and women in the UK. They can provide useful networking opportunities, industry insight and key developments, legislations, regulations and best practices from your chosen area of work. 

Today, the team at Rhino wanted to explore the top reasons tradespeople should consider joining a trade association and why they would provide value to your business. 

What is a trade association?

Trade organisations have been set up by each trade. These can include professional bodies for Carpenters, Builders, Gardeners and more. Organisations, bodies and associations don't just stop with the trade industry; they can represent any manner of professionals from farming to accountancy and are there to focus on promoting collaboration between relevant businesses.

This collaboration can be in the form of events, webinars, award ceremonies, online media and much more. Trade bodies operate on a local or national level, depending on their scope. The local organisations dial in on more pressing matters in the local vicinity, whereas the national bodies take on more significant industry matters through leadership and guidance. Whatever your trade, have a simple search now and find all the relevant bodies to your line of work. 

Why join a trade organisation?

Stay in line with best practices.

When part of a trade association, your knowledge of the industry's best practices is regularly updated. If you are newly qualified or new to business in general, joining a body and attending events can accelerate your learning and bring you up to speed quicker on how your colleagues operate. Even as a fully-fledged business in your sector, trade organisations can help you expand your current business and fine-tune what you are already doing.  

Save money

When joining an organisation, you will be required to pay annual fees. These costs can be quickly recouped with the knowledge, expertise and skills gained. Whether you attend events, seek information online or through peer-to-peer info sharing, trade bodies open your business up to development opportunities, market insights, resources, and more that will help boost your trade business's performance. They also help to introduce you to relevant technology in your area. 

Stay in line with the regulations.

As many tradespeople are in a job with various regulations, joining a trade body helps keep you on the right track. Whether you need advice from industry professionals or want to find out the latest information on compliance and legislation in your trade, this is all on offer with a membership. 

What are the benefits?

Adds to your reputation

When joining a trade organisation, you can add this string to your bow and advertise it, so potential customers know you mean business. Boosting your reputation as a tradesman or woman is vital as it secures the future of your business. Customers wanting expensive work done to their properties expect professionalism and commitment to the project, and boasting a trade association signals you are intent on providing a safe, effective and compliant job. 

Networking opportunities

One major benefit of becoming a member of a trade organisation is the fact you get amazing networking opportunities. Whether you attend a yearly conference, regular events, seminars or online workshops, you open your business to making long-lasting relationships with people you can ask for advice from and vice-versa. 

Exchange information and advice

Once a part of a trade association, it allows you to exchange ideas and talk about the various goings on in the industry. Whether that be to debate points of view or to gain valuable knowledge to make you better at your job, depending on the relevant trade body you join, varied amounts of research and education will be available through their platform, making it a great place to gain information on new approaches, educate yourself in newer technologies and other areas to grow your business. 

Meet like-minded individuals 

One final point that is a popular reason for signing up for a trade organisation is the chance to meet like-minded professionals who work on the same type of jobs you do every day. Plenty of tradesmen and women we have insured share online about all the networking and friends they have made through events, conferences, training days and more. Maybe it's time to explore your trade body options and make long-lasting friends in the industry? 

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Rhino Trade Insurance offers valuable insurance protection for almost all trades in the UK. From Plumbers to Bricklayers and Electricians to Glaziers, we have your backs covered in more ways than one. Working in the trades is risky, and with our protections, you can get covered for almost every aspect of your business. 

Having the right amount of insurance and a relevant trade association badge will make your business more professional, presentable and trustworthy. Want to read about the other tips we have? Check out our blog. 

Alternatively, if you wish to get a quick and easy quote, give our team a ring on 0116 243 7904 or fill out the contact form, where our online quote engine can give you a price in just a few moments. 

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