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The Importance of Specialist Insurance for Alarm Installers

Rhino Trade Insurance 06 March 2024

As an alarm and security system installer, you know the importance of precision and a laser-like attention to detail. Messing up just isn’t an option, as your clients rely on you to keep their homes and businesses protected. 

But while you’re keeping everyone else safe, who’s watching your back? Let’s talk about why specialist insurance is crucial for alarm installers, and how tailored cover provides essential protection you can’t do without. 

Introduction to Specialist Insurance for Alarm Installers

If you install security systems for a living and you’re self-employed in the UK, then there are certain areas that you are vulnerable. Take your business model for starters – you don’t have any sick pay benefits, so if you’re injured and unable to work for a prolonged period, you’ll likely be left struggling to stay afloat. Another huge concern for alarm installers is liability claims from the public. If someone says you hurt them while you were doing a job, you’re almost always liable to pay up to cover whatever fees and damages come along with it. 

Alarm Installers Insurance from Rhino Trade Insurance is designed to address issues like this. This insurance is specifically for those in the CCTV and alarm installation industry, meaning it takes into account the specific risks you face and offers protection where you need it most.

Identifying Unique Risks for Alarm Installers

So, let’s take a closer look at the types of risks you’ll face as an alarm and security system installer. 

  • Causing an injury

Someone around you could be harmed or even killed while you’re on a job. 

Installing security systems and equipment can come with plenty of risks, including working at height, working with electricity and using power tools e.g. drills. What’s more, you’ll usually be working either in a private home or a public space, meaning there’ll be other people around while you’re working, including any employees you might have.

Causing injuries while you’re on the clock means you’re likely to be liable to pay for any costs incurred and for compensating the injured party. 

  • Damaging property

This goes for any type of trade work, but alarm installation can be a messy, hectic business. There’s always the possibility that you could accidentally damage someone’s property, whether that’s a customers’, or something belonging to a passerby or one of your own staff.

  • Suffering a personal accident

As well as causing harm to others, you can also come to harm yourself which will cause you a big financial problem in the alarm installation trade. Whether it’s an accident at work or something that happens during your free time, if you need to take time off work to recover then your financial stability is at risk. 

  • Tax issues

Going self-employed as an alarm installer in the UK comes with the requirement to organize your own tax affairs. HMRC can launch a tax enquiry at random, and tradespeople are often the focus of investigations to ensure they are working outside IR35. If you’re incorrectly classified by HMRC, it’s up to you to prove otherwise, which can be a stressful and time-consuming task. 

  • Tool theft, damage or loss

An alarm and security systems installer is only as good as the tools they work with. Having your stuff stolen, or losing or damaging it, can be a real blow to someone in your trade. Finding the cash to replace your full set of tools isn’t easy, which means potentially missing out on jobs. 

How Can Insurance Help?

The good news is that risks like injury, property damage, accidents, tax enquiries and tool theft can all be mitigated with Alarm Installers Insurance. You don’t need to suffer financially for the risks of your trade – simply get insured instead. 

But what does Alarm Installers Insurance include?

Alarm Installers Insurance from Rhino includes Public Liability Insurance – the policy that’s going to cover the costs of third-party claims for accidents and property damage. Your Alarm Installers Insurance bundle will include Employer’s Liability Insurance if you have any employees – remember it’s a legal requirement to have this insurance in place if you have any staff, including apprentices. You can avoid every tradesperson’s nightmare – losing income due to time off work through injury – by adding Personal Accident Insurance and/ or Income Protection Insurance to your Alarm Installers Insurance. Don’t spend another second fretting about the taxman – Rhino’s popular Tax Enquiry Insurance will ensure you have access to advice and legal representation, making dealing with HMRC’s time-consuming tax enquiries stress-free. And to cover your precious tools, Rhino has a policy for that! Tools in Transit cover can be added to your Alarm Installers Insurance bundle for a low cost, meaning that you won’t have to sleep in your toolbelt every night to keep them safe (pop them in your van instead!).

Your Alarm Installers Insurance bundle from Rhino is fully customizable, so aside from the core policy Public Liability Insurance (that all tradespeople need), you can add or remove policies and adjust coverage limits to suit your unique business needs.

The Dangers of Inadequate Insurance Coverage 

Want to save money each month by not having insurance? If you choose to go uninsured as an alarm and security systems installer, you’re risking the following:

  • Financial issues

Paying out of pocket for compensation claims as a tradesperson can cost you a small fortune. The costs of things like public liability claims and shelling out for property damage can be prohibitive for many small businesses, where profit margins are usually tightly controlled. Plus, as we mentioned, if you find yourself out of action due to injury, you’ll either have to rely on savings or friends and family to keep the wolf from the door.

  • Reputational damage

Fewer and fewer customers will take a chance on an uninsured tradesperson. It’s not worth the risk, as if something happens then the customer knows there’s no guarantee of the money to settle things being readily available. It’s worth remembering that certain insurance policies, e.g., Public Liability Insurance, are conditions of membership to some trade associations. 

In the trades, reputation is everything. So, it’s a no-brainer that you’d want to make sure your reputation was secure by advertising that your alarm and security system installation business is fully insured.

  • Stress 

This is another consequence of not having the right insurance in place as a self-employed tradesperson. It might seem like something you can handle, but never underestimate the effect stress has on the body and mind especially over a prolonged period. Simply knowing that your insurance company will step in and cover your costs should you become the subject of a claim, or that you have a safety net if you’re unable to work for a while, offers peace of mind that’s worth its weight in gold!

Why Choose Rhino?

If you’re new around here, then allow us to introduce ourselves. Rhino Trade Insurance are the trade insurance experts in the UK and should be your first choice for protecting your hard-earned alarm installation business with insurance cover.

We’re multi award-winning and are fast becoming the insurer of choice for the best tradesmen and tradeswomen in the UK. The Rhino experience is just different – we are a team of guys and girls who speak your language and understand the value of your time. We’ll guide you through the whole process, from selecting which insurance policies and cover limits are right for you through to our quick and pain-free claims process. If you’re an alarms and security systems installer looking to protect your business, then give us a call today on 0116 243 7904.

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