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The Essential Guide to Valeters Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 08 April 2024

As a car valet, you’re responsible for making cars gleam, restoring them to their original glory as if they’d just freshly driven off the showroom forecourt. Getting to work with cars all day is a dream come true for car lovers, especially when a supercar rolls through every once in a while.

Valeting cars can be a dirty job, and there are plenty of risks thrown in there for good measure. As a car valet, you need to protect yourself from certain liabilities and incidents which could harm your business. Don’t worry – Rhino are here to help.

What is Valeters Insurance?

Valeters Insurance from Rhino Trade Insurance is a build-your-own policy bundle that starts with Public Liability Insurance. Every self-employed car valeter needs a good amount of Public Liability Insurance to their name – or they’ll face forking out from their own pocket for every chip, mark and imperfection they cause. From there, you can add other valuable policies at a low cost as and when you need them – including Employer’s Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Tool Insurance and many more.

One of the key benefits of Valeters Insurance is that it will protect you and your business should you accidentally cause damage to a vehicle while it’s under your care. A scratch on the bonnet, using the wrong type of wax or driving it through an oil puddle leaving the undercarriage stained… these are all the types of scenarios that can happen to even the best car valeter in the business. And the worst part is? You’ll be financially liable. Yes – even if you’ve just accidentally scrapped a Bugatti on an (extremely) bad day!

Risks are everywhere in a job like this, and if you cause an accident or damage, you’ll be the one on the hook to pay for sorting everything out. If this doesn’t sound like something you want to do, then it’s time to get that insurance in place ASAP. 

Risks Covered By Valeters Insurance

Valeters Insurance will protect you should something happen while you’re hard at work. Here are some of the risks it will cover:

  • Scratches and nicks in the paintwork

A common complaint a car valet will hear from customers is, “you scratched my bodywork!”. Taking photos before detailing a vehicle helps prevent false claims, but in the event of a genuine mistake on your part (such as the zip on your jacket causing micro-scratches as you lean over to polish, or a microscopic stone in your wash bucket), then you’ll have to pay to rectify it, however much that may be.

  • Accidentally using the wrong products

Not all cars are the same – and upholstery and internal fixtures are made of different materials which need different types of care. It’s quite easy to use the wrong detergent or polish and leave a car’s interior patchy, stained or a different colour altogether!

  • Pranging a car

You’ll be handling lots of unfamiliar vehicles in your job and you may end up in a very minor but very expensive accident while moving cars a short distance from A to B. Scraping the tyres on the kerb, kissing a wall or knocking something against the alloys will all cause damage that even the least eagle-eyed owner will notice. 

  • Harming someone

It’s not just cars who can be hurt during a bad day – people can, too. Something as simple as a passerby tripping over your tools and buckets could land you with a huge liability claim.

Benefits of Car Valeters Insurance

Here are the key benefits Car Valeters Insurance offers you:

  • Financial stability

No car valeter wants to pay for damage out of their own finances. Even if you’re careful, there’s just no way you’d take the risk of going without at least Public Liability Insurance in this game. Further, if you choose to add-on policies such as Personal Accident Insurance, your finances will be watertight whatever storm comes your way.

  • Secure your reputation

You can imagine that damage it’d do to your business reputation if you damaged a car, or hurt someone while working and were unable to pay for it. Being fully insured means your reputation is secure in the car valeting industry. 

  • Attract more business

You’ll find yourself landing more clients and premier contracts when you’re fully insured. It stands to reason – no client wants to risk their precious wheels to a valeter who can’t pay up should anything happen.

  • No stress

Knowing that whatever happens to the car under your care, you won’t have to pay for it, means you’ll be one relaxed and happy car valeter! Plus, with the straightforward and speedy claims process you’ll get with Rhino, there’s really no need to stress at all.

The final word

We know you don’t want to spend any of your hard-earned cash on things you don’t need; we promise insurance isn’t one of them. Trust Rhino to find you the best deal – call us on 0116 243 7904 today.

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