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The Essentials of CCTV Installer Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 19 April 2024

CCTV installers are in high demand in the UK. It’s been estimated that there are over 7 million CCTV cameras in the UK alone. Whether they’re protecting private homes, businesses or public spaces, it’s a specialist job to fit them. 

Running a CCTV installation business in the UK can be profitable and a great way to earn a living. Striking out on your own is a big step in this industry, which, once made, can really ramp up your earning potential as you expand your business.

But not so fast. Running your own CCTV installation business brings with it some risks that you cannot ignore. Join Rhino as we explore what these are and find out how you can protect your business as it grows. 

Why do CCTV Installers Need Insurance?

As a CCTV installer, you spend your working days fitting, testing and maintaining surveillance systems, as well as providing on-site training to end users.

But life as a small CCTV installation business owner comes with risks that could end up costing you a lot. Here are a few examples of the physical risks you face in your work:

  • Working at height 
  • Working with electricals
  • Working near busy streets
  • Working near roads
  • Working in all weathers
  • Manual handling
  • Working with hand tools

Each one of these risks could potentially devastate your business should they lead to a compensation claim. 

What Does CCTV Installers Insurance Cover?

CCTV Installers Insurance is a comprehensive bundle of policies to cover the following:

  • Third-party injuries
  • Property damage to customers
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Injuries and property damage caused to your employees
  • Tool and equipment loss, theft or damage
  • Personal income protection

The type of costs that your insurance policy will cover include: 

  • Legal fees 
  • Private medical costs for third parties
  • Lost income for third parties
  • Compensation payouts and damages 
  • Lost income for you
  • Payment to families if you cause accidental death
  • The cost of repairing or replacing tools

When Would CCTV Installers Insurance Come in Handy?

Here are some scenarios in which policies from your CCTV Installers Insurance bundle would step in and save the day:

Scenario #1

You’re installing a CCTV camera above a parade of shops in a busy town centre. A piece of equipment slips from your grip and strikes a passerby. They need medical attention and later they file a claim against your business for the incident. You are legally liable to pay for their rehabilitation costs as well as a compensation payout, and the legal fees associated with this. 

Don’t worry, your Public Liability Insurance will cover it.

Scenario #2

You’re fitting some cables as part of a security system and you fail to adequately protect the system from being struck by lightening, as you placed it very close to a metal pole. The system fails due to a lightening strike within a year and the client lodges a claim against your company for professional negligence.

If you’re covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance, it’d be time to make a claim. 

Scenario #3

You are playing sport on the weekend and sustain a fractured wrist. You realise you have to cancel your upcoming jobs over the next six weeks while your wrist heals, which will leave you without income. 

Don’t panic. Your Personal Accident Insurance will keep you afloat until you’re all healed.

Scenario #4

You are a growing CCTV installation business with several employees. One of your employees falls from a company ladder while installing a camera on a third-storey building. They are badly injured and as the legal liability falls to you as their employer, they lodge a legal claim against you for the pain, suffering and financial damages they incur.

Financially, you’re sorted, as your Employer’s Liability Insurance will cover the costs of your employee’s recovery and compensation.

Scenario #5

You have built up a collection of tools and equipment which enable you to get the job done efficiently and safely. Then, while your van is parked outside your house one night, thieves break in and steal your entire kit. Without your tools and equipment, you are unable to work and must cancel the week’s jobs while you take a look at your cash flow and consider whether you can afford to replace it all.

If you chose to add Tools in Transit Insurance to your CCTV Installer Insurance bundle, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you did at this point.

The Importance of Insurance for CCTV Installers

Having CCTV Installers Insurance in place will protect the financial interests of your business by shielding you from financial liability for a whole range of things that can go wrong. It will also protect your employees from the costs of any injuries or damage they incur while working for you. 

It will also secure your good reputation within the industry. No corporate or government client (and very few private clients) will want to take a chance on an uninsured tradesperson carrying out a technical installation, so being able to advertise your ‘Fully Insured’ status will attract more quality clients and contracts. 

How Does CCTV Insurance From Rhino Work?

With Rhino’s trademark customisable coverage, you can tailor your insurance to your exact business needs. Starting from our bestselling CCTV Installers Public Liability Insurance, you can then add other great low-cost policies including Employer’s Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Tools in Transit cover and many more. Choose the cover limit that suits your business, and the payment option which suits you – monthly or annually – with no extra fees for spreading the cost.

CCTV Installer Insurance FAQS

  • What does CCTV Installer Insurance typically cover?

CCTV Installer Insurance should cover your liability for third-party accidents and damages, as well as professional negligence claims, personal accident cover, liability for employee accidents and even tool and equipment loss. With Rhino, you can build your policy to include cover only where you need it – at a great low price. 

  • Why is insurance crucial for CCTV installation businesses?

Because it safeguards your CCTV installation business against unforeseen risks. With this insurance, you won’t need to worry about paying for accidents, damages and other costs from your own pocket as your insurer will cover it (always read the Policy Wording).

  • How can CCTV Installer Insurance protect against specific industry risks?

Rhino offers a suite of policies designed to keep self-employed tradespeople like you safe from the huge financial liabilities that can come with your industry. At Rhino we understand the nature of your work, and offer policies tailored to various specific risks (such as having your tools stolen), which will offer targeted protection where you need it most. 

  • Can CCTV Installer Insurance be customised for small vs. large businesses?

Yes. With Rhino, you choose the cover limit (also known as limit of indemnity) that suits you. This is the maximum that we would pay in the event of a claim. For larger businesses, you are likely to require a higher limit as the risks you carry are greater than a smaller operation or sole trader. 

  • What steps should a CCTV installer take to ensure they have adequate insurance coverage?

CCTV installers should contact Rhino today! We are the trade insurance experts and we specialise in crafting insurance policies tailored to your trade. Give our team a buzz on 0116 243 7904 today, or check out our online quote engine which will give you a quote in minutes.

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