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Safeguarding Your Roughcasting Business: A Guide to Essential Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 26 June 2024

Roughcasting, also known as pebble dashing, is a skilled trade that involves applying a mixture of lime, sand, cement, and sometimes small stones to external walls, providing both a protective and decorative finish. 

As a roughcaster, your expertise transforms the exteriors of homes and buildings, enhancing their durability and aesthetic appeal. However, like any trade, roughcasting comes with its own set of risks and challenges. That's where having the right insurance comes into play. 

In this guide, we'll dive into the importance of insurance for your roughcasting business, the types of coverage available, and how it benefits you and your customers.

Understanding the Risks for Roughcasters

Roughcasting, though rewarding, is fraught with potential hazards that can impact both your trade business and your clients. Here are some of the key risks:

Accidental Damage: Roughcasting involves working with heavy materials and equipment. Accidents can happen, and damage to property, such as broken windows or damaged landscaping, can result in costly repairs.

Injury to Workers: Handling sharp tools, heavy lifting, and working at heights put roughcasters at risk of varying injuries. Falls, cuts, and other accidents can occur, leading to lost income.

Public Liability: If your work causes injury or damage to a third party, you could be held liable. For example, a passerby could trip over your equipment, or a piece of debris from your worksite could injure someone.

Theft or Damage to Equipment: Your tools and materials are crucial for your work. Theft or damage to your equipment can halt your projects and result in significant financial losses.

Professional Indemnity: Mistakes or negligence in your work, such as incorrect application or using substandard materials, can lead to disputes with clients. Professional indemnity insurance covers the costs of rectifying these issues.

How Insurance Benefits Roughcasters

Having comprehensive insurance coverage offers numerous advantages for roughcasters, making your business more resilient and attractive to customers.

  1. Financial Protection

Insurance provides your business with a safety net, covering any costs associated with accidents, damages, and legal claims. This ensures that an unexpected incident doesn't cripple your business financially.

  1. Peace of Mind

It frees you up to concentrate on producing high-quality work rather than worrying about possible issues cropping up all the time because you know you're insured in the event of an accident or dispute.

  1. Professional Credibility

Customers will trust and hire a tradesperson who is insured. It demonstrates professionalism and a commitment to responsible business practices, giving you a competitive edge.

  1. Compliance and Contracts

Some contracts and clients, particularly commercial ones, require proof of trade insurance before work can commence. Having the necessary coverage ensures you don't miss out on lucrative opportunities.

  1. Employee Welfare

If you employ workers, having insurance that covers injuries and accidents protects their well-being and your business from potential compensation claims.

  1. Legal Compliance

Certain types of trade insurance, such as employers' liability insurance, are legally required in the UK if you have employees. Ensuring compliance avoids legal penalties and maintains your trade business's good standing.

The Benefits of Being Insured

Consider the case of John, a seasoned roughcaster based in Manchester. John was working on a large residential project when a heavy piece of equipment fell from scaffolding, damaging a client's car parked nearby. Thankfully, John had public liability insurance, which covered the cost of the repairs, saving him thousands of pounds and preserving his relationship with the client. Moreover, John's commitment to being insured reassured other potential clients, leading to more business and increased revenue.

FAQ: Getting Insurance for Your Roughcasting Business

What types of insurance do I need for my roughcasting business?

The essential types of insurance for roughcasters include public liability insurance, employer's liability insurance (if you have employees), professional indemnity insurance, tools insurance, and personal accident insurance.

How much does insurance cost for a roughcasting business?

The cost varies based on factors such as the size of your business, the number of employees, the level of coverage, and your claims history. 

Can I get insurance if I'm a sole trader?

Absolutely. Sole traders can and should get trade insurance to protect against potential risks. Public liability insurance and tools and equipment insurance are particularly important for sole traders.

Types of Trade Insurance Available to Tradesmen and Women

Trade insurance is tailored to meet the specific needs of tradespeople, offering a variety of coverage options. Here's a breakdown of the key types available:

Public Liability Insurance: This covers you against claims of injury or damage made by third parties. It's essential for any tradesperson working in public or on clients' properties.

Employers' Liability Insurance: Legally required if you have employees, this covers claims made by employees for work-related injuries or illnesses.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: Covers claims arising from professional mistakes or negligence. It's particularly important for trades that provide advice or design services.

Tools Insurance: Protects your toolbox against theft, loss, or damage. This ensures you can replace essential items quickly and keep your projects on track.

Personal Accident Insurance: Provides financial support if you suffer a severe injury that prevents you from working. It can cover your expenses and lost income.

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

When it comes to picking your insurance provider as a roughcaster, Rhino Trade Insurance stands out for several reasons:

  1. Specialist Coverage

Rhino Trade Insurance offers tailored policies specifically designed for tradesmen and women. Our deep understanding of the trade industry means that we can provide coverage that meets the unique needs of roughcasters.

  1. Competitive Pricing

We work hard to offer competitive prices without compromising on coverage quality. This ensures you get the best value for your money!

  1. Comprehensive Options

From public liability to tools insurance, Rhino Trade Insurance offers a full range of policies to cover all aspects of your business.

  1. Easy Claims Process

Rhino Trade Insurance prides itself on a straightforward and efficient claims process, minimising stress and downtime when you need to make a claim.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

To ensure you receive the help you require, our polite well-informed customer service team is here to help with any questions you may have. That's why we are rated five-star by over 3,500 tradespeople in the UK. 

Get Your Roughcasters Cover Today

Safeguarding your roughcasting business with the right level of insurance is not just a smart move; it's essential for long-term success and peace of mind. The risks inherent in roughcasting - from property damage to personal injury - underscore the importance of comprehensive insurance coverage. 

By protecting yourself, your employees, and your clients, you not only secure your trade business financially but also enhance your professional reputation and customer trust.

Choosing a reputable provider like Rhino Trade Insurance ensures you get specialised, affordable, and reliable coverage tailored to your needs. Don't leave your business vulnerable - invest in the right insurance today and build a more resilient, credible, and successful roughcasting business - call us our team on 0116 243 7904 / head to our website now. 

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