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What is Legal Expenses Insurance?

As a self employed tradesman, you may come up against a range of legal risks, particularly health & safety prosecutions and debt recovery. Our legal expenses insurance will give you access to legal assistance, so you don’t have to let things slide, and can get the defence you need without worrying about the fees. In addition, this policy will cover should you be called for jury service and lose income as a result.

Legal Expenses Cover

  • Cover for a wide range of legal disputes
  • Up to £50,000 cover for legal expenses
  • Up to £500 per day jury service cover
  • Access to legal helpline
  • Optional cover for multiple trades/business activities
  • Instant cover with documents issued ​immediately
  • Monthly or annual payment options
  • UK telephone support

legal expenses insurance


Nuts & Bolts

What Does Legal Expenses Insurance Cover? 

  • Up to £50,000 in legal expenses cover for:

Debt Recovery
Property Disputes
Personal Injury
Employment Disputes
Criminal Prosecutions
Wrongful Arrest Defence
Health & Safety Prosecutions

  • Up to £500 per day and a maximum total of £5,000 cover should you be called for jury service

For full terms and conditions of cover, please refer to the policy wording.

Policy Limitations and Exclusions

All Legal Expenses Insurance policies are subject to terms and conditions, and we strongly recommend that you take time to read the policy document to familiarise yourself with those terms, particularly any limitations that may be relevant to you and your business activities.

Potential Claims

Below are some examples of scenarios that could be covered under a tradesman legal protection policy:

  • An employee brings a claim against you for breach of employment-related legislation, and you are required to defend yourself at an employment tribunal.
  • You become subject to criminal prosecution under Health & Safety legislation, or need to appeal against the service of an Improvement Notice or Prohibition Notice.
  • You are called to attend jury service, in which case the policy will provide cover for your loss of earnings up to £500 per day, £5,000 per claim.
  • You are required to pursue or defend legal proceedings in relation to the rightful ownership or possession of property (land and/or buildings).
  • You, a director or employee of your business suffers personal injury as a result of the actions of a third party, and wish to pursue damages from that third party.
  • A customer fails to pay your invoices and, having exhausted all reasonable efforts to recover payment yourself, you wish to commence legal proceedings to recover payment (please note that the sum in dispute must exceed £500 for cover to be provided under this section – please refer to the policy wording for details).

Claims Process

We recommend that if you become subject to legal proceedings, or wish to commence legal proceedings, you contact the legal advice line to discuss the matter in the first instance.  The legal advice line is provided as a complementary benefit of your insurance cover.  The details you need in order to access the legal advice line service can be found on your policy schedule.

If you are required to defend or pursue proceedings, or are called to attend jury service, the matter must be notified to insurers by following the claims procedure detailed in your tradesman legal protection policy documents.

The insurer will ask you to confirm the circumstances of the matter, may ask you to complete a claim form and supply certain documentation to substantiate your claim.

If appropriate, the insurer will appoint a solicitor to represent you through to the conclusion of the matter and will pay the legal costs incurred in your defence.  You will be expected to co-operate with the insurer and their representatives

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