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Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we have several excellent options to cover your carpet cleaning business. You could be looking to protect yourself in case of injury, looking to protect your tools or avoid missing out on your paycheck if you can't work.

That's where Rhino Trade Insurance comes in. We have been working with a whole manner of jobs and professions during our 20 years in the insurance game, and we now support the 5 million self-employed tradesmen and women of the UK who make this country tick.

The Importance of Carpet Cleaning Insurance

Insurance is a critical component for any self-employed individual. It's like Batman without his Batmobile; he needs it to get along! Anybody working as a Carpet Cleaner understands that their profession is a patient and dedicated game. But that doesn't mean you have to stick it all on red when considering whether or not you need trade insurance.

It makes absolute business sense to get yourself covered with some form of insurance. In a job where you are handling plenty of chemicals, different pieces of equipment and all whilst working with members of the public, you'd be crazy not to consider our fantastic policies on offer.  


Carpet Cleaning Public Liability Insurance

By far and away, our most important and downright popular policy is Public Liability Insurance for Carpet Cleaners. That's not to say our other insurance add-ons are worthless. It's just that this is the biggie: the World Cup, the Mona Lisa. 

Suppose a client trips over some of your equipment on the job, or you accidentally damage the customer's carpet with muddy boots; chances are you'll have a bill to pay, and that's where Public Liability Insurance for Carpet Cleaners comes in! 

Our tailormade liability cover starts at just £6.07 a month (which we practically spend on a frothy cappuccino these days). Not only that, but we have a clear and straightforward standard excess of £500 quid on all claims - An absolute bargain if we have ever seen one! There is also the option to pay for your Public Liability Insurance with interest-free monthly payments. Anyone not offering this these days ought to be living under a rock. You can also purchase easily over the phone with one of our UK based team or quickly online without having to enter a load of unnecessary information. If that's not enough for you, you can also add further protection to your existing policy or change any details you want without any admin fees. Just get us a drink if we ever meet in the pub!


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Why Do I Need Carpet Cleaning Insurance?

We have heard all of the stories across the UK, far and wide, carpets are getting ruined. People are spilling red wine, having their muddy dogs bringing dirt into the house and hungry devils dropping their Friday night takeaway on them. That's where the unsung heroes, the stealthy carpet cleaner, get to work. It's your bread and butter to get every last mark out of that carpet, but as life goes, sometimes accidents can happen. That's why you should be sure to protect your business with the right level of insurance. 

Having a claim made against your business can end up costing you a small fortune. Having Public Liability Insurance in place for your carpet cleaning business takes away all the hassle and stress of financial loss, legal costs and more. With Public Liability Insurance, your business wouldn't be responsible for paying any of the resulting expenses.

Rhino also offers many other valuable insurance options for Carpet Cleaners. After speaking to a fair few, we found that our Employer's Liability Insurance, Personal Accident and Income Insurance are popular add-ons. 

Rhino's Employer's Liability Insurance is a fundamental add-on to Public Liability Insurance, especially if you employ staff members. It's a legal requirement to protect your employees' well-being when working on a job for your business. You don't have to give them cuddles or make them tea (that's the apprentice's job), but having Employer's Liability Insurance protects you if a staff member launches a claim due to being injured or potential death whilst on the job. 


carpet cleaner


Another popular piece of insurance among Carpet Cleaners include Personal Accident and Income Protection. Working in any physical job can be demanding and have certain risks attached, and this is where Rhino can help you. 

These policies will help cover any financial loss you may have after suffering an injury and being unable to work. Personal Accident Insurance starts at a mere £7.42 a month and pays out a lump sum of cash depending on the level of protection you selected. Income Protection is slightly different in that it pays out a monthly sum so that you aren't left out of pocket should you be unable to work. This insurance cover starts at £5.52 per month

All of these cover options are there to protect you, your livelihood and your business. If you have any problems with the insurance jargon, get in touch with one of our UK team now and ask any questions you like. We only want to bring you the best insurance at the best possible price. 

We also offer many other carpet cleaning insurance options that you can find here:



How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Insurance Cost?

We at Rhino think that your insurance shouldn't cost you a king's ransom, and to help you better understand what it takes to build a quote, we have some hints and tips for you. To calculate the level of indemnity you will need for your Carpet Cleaning business; you must first consider your annual turnover, which is an important starting point as the value of your contracts plays a part in how much risk is on offer. You will also find a different premium depending on the number of people you want to insure. More people working for you on the job will, of course, increase your policy price. What's more, your cost will also increase or decrease depending on the level of cover you want/ need and what add-on insurance options you'd like to include. 

To get a better understanding, get in touch with Rhino now. Our ethos is to get you insured with the best possible cover at a cracking price and have you back to work as quickly as possible. We don't want to bore you with any details. If you'd like to read some of the thousands of 5* reviews we have, then do so here.


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Why Choose Rhino for your Carpet Cleaning Insurance?

Anyone taking the risk and not having insurance is taking a big gamble if we are honest! Think of a gamble of epic proportions - like putting £100 on a 15 team Acca - what are you thinking?! We have many expertly-designed, trade-specific policies, and carpet cleaning insurance is one of them. 

We worked with businesses like yours to ensure we offered all the cover needed to help your business run smoothly! However, insurance is a must for carpet cleaners. Should you have any confusion, give one of our insurance specialists a call now and determine what level of cover you need. We are super friendly and won't bite unless you send us doughnuts. We'll bite them until they disappear!

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