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As a professional who spends time digging and re-laying soil and mud, various situations could impact your business finances. When working as a Gravedigger, there are many ways to preserve your business, and Rhino Trade Insurance is one of them. We take time, effort and consideration when coming up with our trade policies - all of them provide a tangible benefit to the safety and security of your business. Whether you are looking for one policy or a full suite of insurance products, our experts have the skills and tools to get you appropriately covered. 

No matter the size or scope of your work, we can build the correct level of cover that alleviates risk. A universal policy will ensure you are covered no matter what and put to bed any doubt you have about the safety of your business and your finances. Let's explore the various ways you can protect yourself today.


For any employed individual running a grave digging company, you know better than anybody the respect and grace you need to show for your customers. If things take a quick turn for the worse, as any business could do with the variety of risks involved, then choosing to have the correct level of cover in place will prove an essential ingredient to your business's success. Not only does insurance offer you protection financially, but it also builds trust in the customers that use your services. Offering to do a good job is one thing, but satisfying the client's peace of mind that you can cover any issues arising is another. 

When it comes to trade insurance, policies usually start with Public Liability Insurance and then expand from there. From shielding your business in case, you cause damage, suffer from stolen tools, injure yourself and cannot work and more. Our team can tailor the right level of cover needed for every business.



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Public Liability Insurance for GRAVEDIGGERS

Public Liability Insurance is a valuable asset for any trade business and should be in place before starting work on-site. Rhino offers policies from £1 million to £5 million in coverage. It ensures your business is protected if it causes damage to a customer's home or property, injury to a member of the public or third party and even covers accidental death. 

Without this business-critical insurance, you will not only damage your professional reputation but also take a significant risk that could result in hundreds of thousands in compensation owed. Our team has worked hard to make Public Liability Insurance easy and accessible to trade businesses in the UK. We provide affordable coverage options that can be taken out in a matter of minutes. 

As a business owner, making sure your work is finished to a high standard and in compliance with regulations is paramount; that's why having insurance is vitally important to the longevity of your company, as it provides a safety blanket should anything go wrong.


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As anyone working in the Grave digging industry will know, your job is hard work and requires a careful approach to a delicate time in a customer's life. Offering a particular service like this is unique and needs to be planned with precision. Rhino's insurance is built the same way. Every policy is created with your trade and your business's specific needs in mind. We consider various avenues associated with your profession and provide a quote based on this information. 

We always aim to provide quality protection that is straightforward and transparent. We pride ourselves on informing you about the different types of insurance that can benefit your business without bombarding you with industry jargon and cover you may not need. Our ultimate goal is to see that your business is protected in the best possible way it can be; with that said, Rhino can offer various types of protection for your company:

  • Employers' Liability Insurance: As a business owner, if you hire any staff members, you are legally required to take out an Employers' Liability Insurance policy. This will protect you if a staff member injures themselves or gets sick on a job and a claim is made.
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: As a sole trader or business owner, having a safety net for if you are sick or injured that results in needing time off is a great asset to hold. Personal Accident Insurance covers you in this instance and can offer a lump sum payment of up to £50,000 in protection. 
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: If you are working on a project and a client decides to bring legal action against your business, this insurance will offer protection in the form of legal defence, court costs and expenses up to your chosen level of indemnity. 
  • Tools Insurance: As a Gravedigger, your tools are vital for your job. Without them, you would be in a challenging situation. Tool Insurance offers up to £7,500 in protection, ensuring they are covered for damage and theft. 
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: All businesses need to handle their taxes. If your business is subject to a tax enquiry, then having this insurance will help get your affairs in order by providing expert advice and assistance to alleviate the issue. 

You can explore our full suite of insurance options here, which includes Personal Accident Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance and Income Protection.


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Rhino Trade Insurance is your one-stop shop for all things trade insurance. We believe that insurance shouldn't cause a headache or break the bank. We have policy experts with years of experience in the trade industry on-hand to provide a state-of-the-art platform that can give your business a price in just 60 seconds. We work hard to evolve our services and provide the latest industry information and developments via our vibrant blog

To understand how we calculate your policy quote, there are a few factors. First, we will take some small details to get an idea of your business and the risk posed by your work. We will ask about your company's turnover, whether you have any employees (as Employers' Liability Insurance is required under UK law), and a few basic questions. We will then be able to calculate a price for your coverage in just a few moments.



Why Choose Rhino for your GRAVEDIGGERS INSURANCE?

As a Gravedigger, you deserve the best insurance coverage, and Rhino Trade Insurance believes that we can offer just that. We have won various awards acknowledging our service and have thousands of five-star reviews from genuine tradesmen and women in the UK. Furthermore, our prices are often up to 40% cheaper than other industry competitors. 

Enough about us. It's time to contact the wonderful Rhino team. We are available by telephone six days a week at 0116 243 7904, or you can easily get a quote via our convenient online insurance shop, get a price in just 60 seconds today.


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