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Multiple measures can be taken to protect your company's standing as a Pebble Dasher business. Every insurance plan we provide can support the policyholder in a variety of situations that might affect the financial stability of their company. Rhino Trade Insurance concentrates on trade insurance; thus, our policy writers have developed innovative cover for tradespeople solely focused on their area of business, enabling us to provide excellent cover at a competitive price.

Every business has nuances, and working on the exteriors of customers' homes comes with varied degrees of danger, whether you manage a large company or work alone. Therefore, your company's future should be a top priority by considering ways to protect yourself should something go wrong. Without the proper insurance, your company is vulnerable to legal action being taken against your business, that could mean the difference between continuing operations and permanently closing.


You must ask yourself if ignoring your insurance commitments is worth the risk. Whether you pay outright or make minimal monthly payments will ensure you have the appropriate cover level essential to your trade business. Our costs pale in comparison to the bill you might receive as a result of compensation being sought due to legal action being taken against your business. . Also, having insurance for your business gives customers and clients confidence that you will have the resources to put it right if something goes wrong while you are at work. See insurance as an opportunity rather than a burden. More clients value knowing about your policies, and larger organisations will request you to have a minimum level of protection before signing any contracts. 

You run the risk of jeopardising both your company's livelihood and your reputation without insurance. Make sure you have a robust policy before accepting any jobs because if anything goes wrong, you may have to pay out of your own pocket. With the right insurance in place, you wouldn't need to stress as your insurance provider would solve any issues arising from your work - paying out compensation up to your chosen level of indemnity. If your work leads to damage or injury, you could face costs of five or six figures.



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Public Liability Insurance for PEBBLE DASHERS

Your trade insurance journey should begin with Public Liability Insurance - this is the baseline cover you need. Public Liability is the most valuable protection you will ever buy for your business. This policy type forms the basis of your protection and will be utilised as a springboard for all other trade insurance policies that we create. Whatever size your business, Rhino's Public Liability Insurance can protect you from accidents or losses up to £5 million.

Your public liability insurance will protect your business  if you mistakenly damage someone else's property, injure a third party or accidentally kill a member of the public from your work. The trade and construction industries pose some of the greatest risks in the UK; therefore, it makes perfect economic sense to protect yourself even if you are the most competent tradesperson around.

Insurance companies like Rhino Trade Insurance guarantee that you receive the finest cover at a fair price. As discussed in previous sections, our specialised trade brokers strive to maintain our low pricing and good quality options while concentrating exclusively on the trade industry. Whichever insurance you require, we can build our coverage to match the needs of your Pebble Dashing company.


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You work hard to run your trade business, but it won't have an infinite bank balance to fund large legal costs and damages fees. If you operate without insurance or purchase insurance that doesn't cover your needs, then you risk incurring substantial liability claims resulting from accidents or damage on-site. Problems can and will present themselves on a building site. Whether you operate on smaller residential buildings or bigger commercial ones, it's these risks you insure yourself against.

You know better than anybody that each home or office building your company quotes for requires a different approach each time. As a professional using various building materials on customers' premises, you will have to work around the intricacies of the property at hand. We approach our trade insurance policies exactly the same way. Depending on your trade, we fit the policy to your business's needs and wants. Our specific Pebble Dashers Liability Insurance has been tailored to match the general principles of your line of work, fitting the demands you face on a daily basis. 

We take great satisfaction in offering simple insurance that is easy to purchase. Tradespeople shouldn't be left scratching their heads when it comes to protecting themselves. Our processes have been built with tradesmen and women in mind from the ground up, resulting in simple-to-use online quote engines and excellent customer service over the phone. Simply select your insurance, provide a few details, and receive a quote. Want extra safeguards? We have your back with all of these policies and more:

  • Employers' Liability Insurance: You can cover your company and safeguard your employees through our Employers' Liability Insurance. Businesses that hire staff are protected by this insurance, which offers cover ranging from £1 million to £10 million. This insurance is required by law in the UK because it guards against claims from employees who become ill or injured while working for your company.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: If you offer plans, recommendations, knowledge, and other services to trade businesses, then professional indemnity insurance will shield you in the event that a claim arises due to inadequate advice that ends up causing the client to lose money.
  • Tools Insurance: Pebble Dashers will be equipped with various gear required for the task at hand. While tool theft is increasing and doesn't look to be slowing down, our Tool Insurance keeps your tools safe from damage and theft. In any of these situations, our coverage will replace your tools up to a maximum recoverable amount of £7,500.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: On a construction site, accidents are always possible. As a self-employed professional or company owner, you must think about what would happen if you got hurt or ill and couldn't work for some time. Your income would dry up, and your costs would rapidly mount. Personal Accident Insurance puts your mind at rest by covering you in these instances. Depending on your level of cover, it offers financial support up to £50,000 and can be used to cover expenses like business costs and salaries.

These are the most common additions to Public Liability policies; however, we offer a comprehensive range of insurance cover that can help your company in difficult circumstances. Visit our website to learn more about purchasing Legal Protection, Gadget Insurance, Tax Enquiry Cover, and more.


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Thanks to the Rhino team, your next trade insurance policy could not be easier to purchase. We don't think insurance should be outrageously expensive, so we're always looking for methods to keep our costs down and the calibre of our services high. Calling our UK-based experts will help you swiftly have your questions answered, or you can use our convenient quote engine to get a detailed price for your business insurance.

Regardless of how you contact us, we have a short list of questions to determine the type of insurance you require in order to provide a quote. The information needed will include the annual revenue of your firm, any claims history, the number of employees you have on, and the level of coverage you require. You will then be given a price after a few moments.




The skilled workers of the UK trade industry should be protected to the fullest, and that's made possible by Rhino. Tradespeople from all across the UK choose our services year after year because of our affordable prices, easy approach, and fantastic team. Upwards of 2000 people have given our cover five-star reviews, demonstrating how much they appreciate our service.

Along with numerous accolades, we have a fantastic crew in Leicester who are happy to guide you six days a week and can be contacted on 0116 243 7904.

Also, we created an amazingly straightforward website that allows you to enter just a few facts about your company and receive a quote for your cover in a matter of seconds.


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