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Insurance for Plumbers

Why choose your plumber insurance from Rhino Trade Insurance?

Buying plumber insurance from us is simple, instant and tailored to your needs.  We offer competitive rates for insurance to protect you, your business, your tools and/or your clients.

Your insurance documents are issued immediately and you have full policy information in your online account.  Also, buy what tradesman insurance you need – there are no packages.

Plumber Insurance Cover

  • No Direct Debit Fees

  • No Packages

  • UK Telephone Support

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plumber insurance

What type of plumber insurance do you need?


  • Plumber Public Liability Insurance
  • Covers you if your client/public suffers and injury or damage to their property which was your fault.
  • Pays out for legal expenses and compensation owed by your business
  • Important to choose your level of cover

Theft of tools

  • Tools in Transit Insurance
  • Covers your tools. Perfect for you if you regularly carry tools in your vehicles
  • Pays out to cover the cost of repair/replacement
  • Important if you rely on the tools to earn your income

Tax enquiry or inspection

  • Tax Enquiry Insurance
  • Covers you if HMRC enquire into your tax affairs.
  • Pays for accountants’ fees and, where required, professional representation.
  • Important as HMRC can enquire into your affairs as a matter of routine.  No wrong doing is needed for a visit from the taxman.

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​Plumbers Public Liability Insurance

Accidents happen. Plumbers Public Liability Insurance keeps you covered if your client or a member of the public suffers an injury or damage to their property which was your fault. It will pay out for the legal expenses and compensation owed by your business (up to your chosen level of cover)...

Plumbers Tool Insurance

Your tools are important for getting the work done. This policy is perfect for tradesmen who regularly carry tools in their vehicle, and rely on the tools to earn an income...

Legal Expenses Insurance

As a self-employed tradesman, you may come up against a range of legal risks, particularly contract disputes and debt recovery. With access to legal assistance, you don’t have to let things slide, and can get the defence you need without worrying about the fees...

Tax Enquiry Insurance

With the self-employed responsible for their own tax payments, tax enquiry insurance is a valuable policy for tradesmen. This policy provides...

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