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As a professional in the field of Sculpting, you are well aware that the work is time-consuming, intricate, and challenging. Dealing with subtle materials can get stressful and easily cause an accident. You need to consider your insurance options as a Sculptor to prepare yourself best in case you need protection. Every business must consider hazards and risks; they are simply part of everyday life in the trades. If something goes wrong, having cover will keep your business safe should something go wrong..

Risk is a normal part of running a business; that's why it makes perfect sense to ensure your company is covered. From sculpting a piece to installation, you put yourself and your business in danger. Your business needs to know how to protect itself and against what. Let's see how you can get every policy under one roof at a reasonable price.


As an expert in creating beautiful sculptures for galleries, homes and commercial properties, you will deal with premium materials and expensive final pieces. Your business could be ‘done for’ with just one wrong move. In this line of work, many different dangers could pose risks to you, all of which could prompt a claim.

Having an acceptable level of protection is a clear goal for staying safe. As a respected craftsperson, your customers will appreciate a certain level of insurance. Not only does it keep your business safe, but it protects them and their interests too. Should something go wrong, insurance would give you peace of mind should  your company cause damage to a building or  an injury to a public member.

Ironing out details in your workshop or installing a piece on-site can be complex, and even the slightest error could result in disaster. Even the most cautious professional can have a bad day. Because of this, the best decision you will ever make will be to take out a solid trade insurance policy from Rhino Trade Insurance. Our experts designed convenient Sculptors Insurance that can be moulded to fit your precise needs.



Sculptors Insurance



Public Liability Insurance for SCULPTORS

Your insurance policy shouldn't be a headache. You want to find an insurer who makes the process as smooth as possible. Rhino's insurance geniuses have done just that. We've created a host of policies that are valuable to almost every trade business, which we can fit to shape your business in the way you desire. Insurance is there for when your business faces a testing time. Purchasing a policy couldn't be any easier with us. Choose the type of cover you want today and decide on the premium level that suits your line of work. We offer cover from £1 million to £5 million. 

Public Liability Insurance is the place to look if you need help knowing where to start. This is the most critical piece of cover you will buy and will be the starting block for all other policies. Public Liability protects your business from damage being caused to a customer's property or if an injury is inflicted on them or a public member as a result of your work. 

Even though you aren't duty-bound to hold this insurance, exploring your options makes sense. You put your entire business at risk if you avoid taking out this cover. Should something go wrong,  your business is liable for the damage and  could face a huge bill ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Now that's a monumental amount of risk not to protect against.


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Insurance protection is of the utmost importance when looking at ways to help your business survive a scare. Running a business can be risky, and there may be times when everything seems to be against you. Try not to let this get out of hand with the additional worries about something going wrong on the job. Saving a few quid against a policy isn't "business-savvy." Your finances could quickly become a mess if you don't have insurance. Our policies cover everything from being hurt on the job to having your tools stolen and more.

Rhino Trade Insurance provides sculptors with various protections to fit their daily needs. Our Public Liability Insurance can be enhanced with the following popular options:

  • Employers Liability Insurance - This insurance protects their business if an employee becomes ill or is injured on the job. If your Sculpting business has hired staff, it is legally required to hold Employees' Liability Insurance in the UK.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - Sculptors will work on various projects, from installation to moulding and building. Some jobs will be physically demanding, whilst others will require your expertise alone. Offering design work and advice for a fee can bring problems. This policy will safeguard you in the event of an error that causes a client to lose money as a result of your advice or designs.
  • Tool Insurance - In this industry, you'll use a variety of tools, most being specific to the jobs you do. On top of this, a sculptor's tools will hold special value to that craftsman or woman. You need to be in a safe position if they are lost, stolen or damaged, as you won't be able to complete your work without them.  
  • Personal Accident Insurance - This insurance protects anyone who sustains an injury and is unable to work. Imagine that you break a finger and require time off. Your expenses, bills and salary will be covered with Personal Accident Insurance. The cherry on top is that accidents occurring outside work are protected by it too!

On top of these popular business-critical insurance options, you can take out a handful of other options that protect you legally, offer tax advice and more.


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No matter what you do, buying a tailored insurance document shouldn't break the bank. The Rhino team is constantly looking for ways to keep our prices low. You can get policies up to 40% less than you would from other providers in the trade insurance industry. Imagine what you could do with the money you saved!

To provide you with a precise quote, we will, of course, need some information. Your company's turnover, the representative level of coverage you want, your claims history, and any staff members will all be part of the required information. This will only take a few seconds out of your day.

To be totally transparent, you can get a price for your cover in just 60 seconds. Enter your information into our expertly designed online shop, or give our customer service a try by calling our team right away. If you didn't already know, they have five stars.



Why Choose Rhino for your SCULPTORS INSURANCE?

Rhino Trade Insurance provides dedicated professionals and tradespeople with the best protection in the UK. Despite our bias, you can get covered at a reasonable cost for your entire business. With our service, there are no cover-ups. We provide dependable protection that is easy to purchase so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible. On top of this, we have received numerous industry awards for our services in the trade insurance industry. 

Due to our exclusive relationship with tradespeople, more specifically, Sculptors. We have developed excellent policies that can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Contact us immediately at 0116 243 7904 or use our online quote engine.


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