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You can shield your business as a Shopfitter in numerous ways. Every insurance option we offer can help you, the policyholder, in different circumstances that could influence your business' funds. Trade Insurance is where we point our attention; thus, the policy experts at Rhino have created varying protections for tradespeople with 100% focus on their line of work - giving us the ability to offer fantastic cover at a reasonable price. 

Every business has its quirks, and whether you own a major firm or work on your lonesome, installing and fitting out shops holds varying levels of risk. Consequently, our trade insurance should be a priority when protecting your business's livelihood from potential legal action. Without the right cover, your firm could find itself footing the bill for damage caused. That could be the difference between business as usual and shutting the doors for good.


As insurance is a business-critical solution, you must ask yourself, is it worth the gamble to avoid paying the small monthly payments to hold the correct level of cover? Our prices are minuscule compared with the bill you may face should something go wrong on site. On top, cover for your trade allows customers and clients to trust that should anything go wrong under your watch, you are financially protected to put things right. Don't think of insurance as a burden; consider it an opportunity. More customers appreciate knowing about your policy, and if you hope to grow, larger institutions will require you to hold a certain level of protection just to step on the site. 

Without insurance, you are taking a massive risk with your business and the livelihood of anyone around you. Before taking on any work, you should ensure that you have an acceptable policy in place. If your business causes damage or injury, you could face legal action and, if found liable, receive a bill in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. However, with the right policy, you wouldn't have to worry as your insurer would handle all of the nitty-gritty details up to your chosen level of cover so that you can carry on working without losing any sleep.



Shopfitters insurance



Public Liability Insurance for SHOPFITTERS

The first place to start with your trade insurance should be Public Liability Insurance. This will be the most vital protection you purchase. Policies of this nature are the foundations of your cover. Every other type of trade insurance policy builds from this protection. No matter if you are a small, medium or large business, Public Liability can be taken out with Rhino to insure you against accidents or damages up to £5 million. 

If your Shopfitting firm manages to cause damage on-site to a third party's property or accidentally inflicts injury or accidental death to a member of the public, then your Public Liability Insurance cover will protect you. You may be the most astute tradesman or woman around and think the chances of a claim are small, but as the trade and construction industry are the riskiest sectors in the UK, it makes absolute business sense to cover your back. 

Insurance providers like Rhino Trade Insurance ensure you get the best possible cover at a reasonable price. As mentioned, our specialist trade brokers focus entirely on the trade industry and work hard to keep our prices low and our quality high. We can create tailored policies and fit whatever insurance you need to the requirements of your business.


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Unless you are Jeff Bezoz, your business most likely doesn't have an endless supply of money to cover the bill should an accident happen on-site. If you take the risk and work without insurance or take out insurance that doesn't suitably cover your needs, you could face severe repercussions through expensive liability claims from accidents or damage caused. No matter if you work in smaller shops or large shopping malls, incidents will always take place, and it's these risks you protect yourself against. 

As a professional who uses building materials on customers' properties, you know each client will require a distinct store fit-out. Approaching these unique needs is the same way we treat our trade insurance policies. Our Shopfitters Insurance is tailored to whatever terms your line of work requires and is specifically refined to fit your business. 

We pride our services on providing straightforward insurance that is easy to take out. Tradespeople have enough to deal with without having to manoeuvre a minefield of insurance policies. With Rhino, our process is a walk in the park. Simply choose your cover, share with us a few details and get your price. Need to add more protections? Easy, we have you covered with all that and more:

  • Employers' Liability Insurance: Insure your business and protect your employees with our Employers' Liability Insurance. This protection can grant £1 million to £10 million in cover and safeguards businesses who hire staff. It is a legal requirement in the UK to hold this insurance as it protects against claims from staff who get injured or ill from the work you set out for them.  
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: While dealing with commercial improvement, your business may offer services to help other companies with their builds. If you provide plans, advice, expertise, and more, then Professional Indemnity Insurance will protect you if a claim crops up from faulty advice that loses the client money.  
  • Tools Insurance: Shopfitters will have an arsenal of tools that are all needed to get the job done. Tool theft is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down; that's why our Tool Insurance offers protection against theft and damage. Our policies will replace your tools in these instances up to the value of £7,500. 
  • Personal Accident Insurance: Accidents can always happen on a building site. As a sole trader or business owner, you must consider what would happen if you suffered an injury and couldn't work for an extended period of time. You won't earn any money without work, and expenses will soon rack up. Personal Accident cover protects you in these scenarios and puts your mind at ease. It provides financial assistance up to £50,000 depending on your cover level and can be used to pay for things like salary and bills. 

Above are our most popular additions to your Public Liability policy. However, we have a full suite of insurance protection that can assist your business in times of trouble. Consider taking out Legal Protection, Gadget Insurance, Tax Inquiry cover and more by visiting our website here.


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The team at Rhino couldn't have made purchasing your next trade insurance policy simpler. We believe that insurance should cost you an arm and a leg and continually explore ways to keep our prices low and our service quality high. You can quickly get answers to your questions by calling our UK-based team, or you can get a comprehensive quote for your business insurance by visiting our handy quote engine. 

Whichever way you contact us, we have a small list of questions to gauge what level of cover you need to calculate your quote. Information required will include your company's turnover, any history or claims, whether you have any staff members employed by your business, and what level of cover you are looking for. We may ask a few other minor questions, but you will have a price after a few minutes.



Why Choose Rhino for your SHOPFITTERS INSURANCE?

Rhino intends to provide the most complete protection to the skilled men and women of the UK trade industry. Our competitive pricing, seamless process and awesome team see tradespeople from around the UK return to use our services year-on-year. They love us so much that over 2000 have left five-star reviews about our cover here. 

On top of winning multiple awards, we have an amazing team in Leicester who can answer your needs six days a week on 0116 243 7904. 

On top, we built a super-simple website where you can input minor details about your business and get a quote for your cover in just a few moments. What more could you ask for? We also send out super-cool Rhino merch throughout your policy term! Check out our website today.


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