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For anybody who knows somebody working as an Upholsterer, they'll understand it's no easy task. It's a trade that requires practice, skill and dedication to master - not to mention that all-important patience. 

Whether you spend your days in your workshop repairing and replacing materials on sofas and chairs or go out to different sites, fixing a vast quantity of office furniture, you're best to get yourself insured. The team at Rhino Trade Insurance has worked with various trades over the years and specialises in giving you the best possible cover for your trade - there's no one size fits all here approach here! We like to provide you with a tailored policy, just as you would create a tailored stitch depending on the project at hand. 

The Importance of UPholsterers Insurance

Having covered a variety of trades up and down the country for years, we are well-versed in the correct type of cover for your business, and as an Upholsterer, we think we have the right policy for you. No matter how great or small you think, they are. Risks will surround your daily work life, so having some quality trade insurance in place is practical if something goes south. 

Considering you are using sewing machines, needles, share scissors, hammers, staple guns, you name it, it makes complete sense to ensure your business is covered, and that's where Rhino gets to work.



upholsterers Public Liability Insurance

When searching for Upholsterers Insurance, you can be presented with a whole host of different types of cover. From Tool Insurance to Income Protection. Our most popular and common piece of cover is Public Liability Insurance for Upholsterers.

Public Liability Insurance is the ground floor for your business insurance. Everything else you will consider is built around it. However, it's not a legal requirement in the UK (honestly, we scratch our heads wondering how), but you're taking a big gamble without it. Not to mention, various trade bodies, local councils, and contractors won't consider working with you if you don't possess the right level of cover.

But what is Public Liability Insurance, and how will it help your Upholstery business? This type of insurance is there for anybody who works with customers, clients or members of the public. If you manage to cause damage to their property and it's because of your work, you could be held liable and be judged to owe compensation. The same is said with causing an accident or injury to somebody because of your work. You may have a hefty payout coming your way. 

That's where our cover acts as your safety blanket. We put out the fire of an incoming claim. Whether you have customers visiting your workshop or meeting with customers on a site, having this cover in place makes complete business sense. 

Not only do prices start at a mere £6.07 a month, depending on your needs, but we can also offer you varying levels of cover starting at £1 million, rising to £5 million.


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Why Do I Need upholsterers Insurance?

Any self-employed tradesperson or business owner holds a degree of responsibility to their clients and members of the public. 

Let's imagine that you are working on-site and repairing many different pieces of furniture. You'll most likely have a selection of tools needed to complete the job. As we are human, we can all have a bad day. If you happened to leave some tools, equipment or materials in the way of the customers who happen to trip over them, you could cause an injury - resulting in a claim that resembles something like a lottery win. 

Likewise, if you were working in your cosy workshop and managed to injure your shoulder whilst lifting a piece of furniture on your own, you may not be able to work for several weeks. Having the right Upholstery trade insurance in place will help alleviate any time off and costs incurred to your finances. 

Our trade insurance acts as a safety net, but it also provides you with that much-needed peace of mind. You know that should anything happen, you're covered. Some of our most popular pieces of cover for Upholsterers include:

Employers' Liability Insurance

Whether an employee puts a needle through their finger or manages to damage a customer's piece of antique furniture, having Employer's Liability Insurance as an Upholsterer will provide you with the right cover if you have any staff members. If you are a limited company or have employees in the UK, you must hold this insurance by law. It provides cover if an employee injures themselves or damages a customer's property whilst doing the work you set for them. 

Our prices start at a mere £72.80 a year (which is a bargain considering the compensation cost you could face from an injured employee). Please find out more from our latest blog post here.

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Personal Accident Insurance

If you managed to injure yourself whilst on a job: pulled your back out manoeuvring furniture, broken a bone, or *god forbid* something gets caught in your sewing machine, you may need time off to recover. Personal Accident Insurance is popular for self-employed tradesmen and women, especially Upholsterers, as it protects against any lost income by paying a lump sum. It also has you covered with any bills and expenses you owe whilst being unable to work. 

This type of insurance is a popular add-on to Public Liability Insurance and costs just £89 a year.

Income Protection Insurance

Another favourite among Upholsterers is Income Protection. This is similar to the above insurance; only this pays a monthly fee at the level you chose to insure yourself. That means if you suffer an injury and can't physically work, you are covered. Considering the line of work you are in, accidents can always happen, and as a self-employed tradie, you wouldn't have to worry about any financial commitments should something go wrong. Find out more in this blog post. 

Tool Insurance

Last but not least, we have our ever-popular Tool Insurance cover. This is a classic piece of insurance that almost all trades take out. It protects your tools, whether they are sewing machines, hand tools or pieces of equipment that help you get the job done from being stolen, broken or lost. 

Starting at just £3.75 a month, this Upholstery insurance will alleviate any anxiety at having all of your valuable pieces of kit stolen. Without them, you simply can't do your job. Learn more about Tool Insurance and the other vital trade insurances we offer here.


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How Much Does UPHOLSTERERS Insurance Cost?

Although our costs are some of the best on the market and, not to brag but, our customers love our prices and service - go check out the thousands of tradespeople who have reviewed us here. 

To consider how much it would cost you as an Upholsterer is to establish what level of risk your work includes. When considering your insurance, we consider several aspects such as your location, what contracts you hold and their value. How many people you have working for you, the trade you work in, your turnover, as well as a few other minor details. This isn't to be nosey. It's just to get a good overview of your business because we want you to get the right level of cover. You may laugh, but some trade businesses in the UK have been found not to have enough insurance, and when a claim comes in, they are undercovered.



Why Choose Rhino for your UPHOLSTERERS Insurance?

We may be biased, but we consider ourselves one of the top trade insurance providers in the UK (if not the best). We focus solely on the trades and, as such, spend our time developing our policies so that they are dialled in on each trade. We have our team based in a peaceful spot just outside the city of Leicester, so if you ever need to call us, we are right on your doorstep waiting to hear from you. 

What's more, we undoubtedly have the best rates on the market. Added to our state-of-the-art online quote system, we are ready to help you get the right insurance as an Upholsterer. Call us on 0116 243 7904 or grab a super-sonic speed quote online.

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