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What is Tradesmen Insurance?

Rhino Trade Insurance 03 February 2022

Each trade out there is different. Different risks, different tools, different materials. But all have something in common; Without a solid trade insurance policy, you run a tightrope if something goes completely wrong. As a self-employed tradesman, you may not be aware that the most common forms of claims are damage to a third parties property, closely followed by injuries on-site and one that's not so surprising - tool theft! 

Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we have crunched all the numbers, drank all the coffee and spent countless hours coming up with some of the best and most varied trade insurance policies for almost all trades in the UK. But what is Tradesman Insurance, and how can you get covered?

What is Tradesmen Insurance?

Tradesmen Insurance (as defined by the Rhino Trade dictionary) is a form of business insurance for any self-employed tradesperson looking for tailored protection from risks or hazards associated with their trade. 

Depending on the level of cover you need, you will be able to choose from differing levels up to your desired level of indemnity. You can find Trade Insurance in the UK to cover any legal costs you may have, tool and equipment cover, injury and accidents at work, among various other types. 

Why is Tradesmen Insurance important?

If we start with the number one rule: Nothing in life is a sure thing. We begin with this because several tradesman insurance policies aren't legally required. Yet, with the risks attached to your daily work life, you'd be foolish to avoid paying the minimal cost of having a policy in place. The reason is that even the most competent, respected and qualified tradespeople can sometimes get things wrong. And it's best to be prepared for any outcome. 

That's why Rhino set up shop. We want to be your safety blanket should all hell break loose during your day. Whether you spend your day laying bricks, fitting kitchens or rewiring homes, having trade insurance is a commodity for your business. 

Rhino has designed various policy types for each trade. We can quickly assess what kind of work you undertake and the potential risks to give you an ideal quote tailored for your business. Quicker than most other insurers on the market. 

Who is Tradesmen Insurance for?

You will be able to find Tradesmen Insurance for almost all trades that you can think of. As we said above, Rhino has spent many hours coming up with the perfect types of cover for most trades in the UK. Below you can see a list of our most popular trades. Still, we also have several other trades that we cover that include carpet fitters, cleaners, car valets and many more. 

If you are already sold, why not get yourself a quick and easy quote via our website now. We don't ask for your life story, and you'll be able to get a price for your chosen protection in less than 60 seconds. 

What does Tradesmen Insurance cover?

Having Tradesmen Insurance can cover you for a whole bag of things. We can offer you protection anywhere from your standard Public Liability policy to plant and machinery cover, such as Contractors All Risks Insurance.

Rhino's full suite of tradesman insurance policies are as follows:

Public Liability Insurance - This is the core cover you should be signing up for. This insurance equips your business with the protection you need should you cause accidental damage, injury or death to your client or their property whilst on the job. Find out more reasons why you need Public Liability Insurance here. 

Employers Liability Insurance - Now this one IS A LEGAL REQUIREMENT. If you employ any staff who work on-site, you need this one. It covers your business if an employee injures themselves or, worse, dies whilst at work. 

Tools in Transit Insurance - One of our most popular cover options after Public Liability Insurance. All businesses looking for Tradesmen Insurance should be considering Tools in Transit Insurance. How often have you seen posts of people having their tools/ equipment stolen? This one is there for you *should that happen* and you'll be covered up to a certain level to have them replaced. 

Contractors All Risks Insurance - The big one for contractors and construction workers. This Tradesmen Insurance is critical for those out on the muddy construction sites. It offers you cover for any contract value you hold, any plant or machinery hired and even goes as far as to protect employee tools.

Legal Expenses Insurance - If someone took you to court, would you be able to stump up the legal fees for your defence? This one offers valuable protection if a legal challenge is made against your business. Legal claims can vary from disputes over the property to the recovery of any debts owed. That's why this type of insurance will save the policyholder's bacon should you ever need to be defended from a claim of this nature. Want to know more? Check out our blog on why you need Legal Expense Insurance now. 

Tax Enquiry Insurance - A popular one for those 'safe as houses' type tradesmen who worry about a potential tax enquiry from HMRC. This form of cover is super beneficial as it helps to protect you if HMRC comes sniffing and launches an investigation into your tax status.

Personal Accident & Income Protection Insurance - We've just spent the past two years in an unprecedented time - not knowing if you have to take time off when you are sick or not. That's where Personal Accident Insurance comes to the table. This type of trade insurance is there to help out the self-employed tradesperson who can't work due to injury or severe sickness. If you miss work and lose out on income, you might be able to receive a lump sum payout to help offset any costs incurred from losing work or medical bills. 

Income protection is a worthwhile policy to consider as it covers sickness. Suppose you are unable to work due to sickness or ill-health. In that case, this cover helps to alleviate any lost income and provides indemnity to your chosen level for up to 12 months of sick leave.

How much does Tradesmen Insurance cost?

There are various factors when coming up with the cost of our trade insurance. For example, you will have to consider your location, what type of work you undertake, what size your business is, do you employ anybody, what contract sizes you possess, and what equipment you use for work. 

All added together. This could give each tradesperson a different price. To get an idea, though, our Public Liability Insurance starts at just £6.07 a month, our Tools In Transit insurance starts at a mere £45 a year, and our popular Income Protection Insurance can be opened from £5.52 per month

We have provided cover for thousands of tradespeople across the UK, and thankfully they like what we offer. You can see what they say about us here. It's not just the Ritz that has a 5-star rating! 

Why Choose Rhino? 

The team here at Rhino Trade Insurance are super friendly, reliable and lovely to speak to. We are based in the leafy part of Leicestershire and are available to talk six days a week. We also wanted to be different from other insurers who ask for your life story when getting a quote. That's why we made a straightforward and quick quote engine on our website - give it a try now. 

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