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Public Liability Insurance - All You Need To Know

by Davina Chohan | Mar 06, 2020

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What is public liability insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is one of the most common types of business insurance. It covers compensation and legal costs if a member of the public including clients, suppliers, or even those who may interact with your business, decide to sue your company because their property has been damaged, or they have been injured.

What does it cover?

Our Public Liability Insurance protects you if a client, member of the public or visitor suffers an injury or damage to their property because of your business. It will cover legal expenses and/or compensation (up to your chosen level of cover). We offer cover levels of up to £1M, £2M, and £5M.

Who needs it?

Whether you are a self-employed tradesman, limited company or partnership, Public Liability Insurance is one of the most relevant insurance policies for you. Whilst there is no legal requirement to hold the policy, it is a fundamental business insurance policy to protect your business.

How much will it cost?

The cost of Public Liability Insurance will be dependent on the type of business you run and the level of insurance that you require, just like with most types of insurance. If your business carries out lower risk activities, you will pay a lower price however if your business is perceived as higher risk, you are likely to pay more.

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Is it a legal requirement?

Public Liability Cover is not a legal requirement. However, it is worth considering Public Liability Cover as financial protection for yourself, in case of a situation where someone decides to make a claim against your company for damage to their property or injury. You may find some clients may prefer for you to have this in place before they work with you.

How can I get Public Liability Insurance?

You can take out our Public Liability Insurance quickly and easily online. Our public liability insurance allows you to build up your policy so that it meets your specific business needs. You can also choose to take out our public liability with a range of covers as part of your policy. After a few simple questions about your business we will give you the best premium suitable for you.

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