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A Guide to Gardener's Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 22 July 2022

Let's talk about Gardeners Insurance and why it's important, shall we? No matter what time of the year you are reading this article, we all know that the time comes when the sun is blazing, our gardens are blushing and in need of a good going over. 

Gardening is a quality trade. You have to be patient, know your stuff, work with the garden you have in hand and ultimately make it so that the customer is happy with the outcome you provide. However, do you really need insurance? Is it another pointless exercise, or are you breaking the law without it? 

Who needs Gardeners Insurance?

The clue may be in the name. However, anybody who works in the landscaping profession can fall under the Gardeners Insurance category.

Whether you spend your days tending to customers' plants, looking after their borders, cutting their grass, weeding, laying a patio or putting a fence or gate up, you will need to get a quality Gardeners Insurance policy.  

What insurance is available for Gardeners?

Public Liability Insurance

An essential piece of cover that every tradesperson needs. Whether you manage to damage a customer's property whilst working on their garden or injure a client whilst out on a job, this type of insurance will have you covered. Find out more about Public Liability Insurance below. 

Employers' Liability Insurance 

If you have staff members or employees working on your gardening projects, you will need Employers' Liability Insurance by law. This protects you and anybody working for you. For as little as £6.07 a month, Rhino's Employers' Liability Insurance will protect you from claims that arise due to staff members causing damage, injury or accidental death to either themselves or a member of the public/ customer. 

Rhino's popular Employee Liability Insurance is far cheaper than the £2,500 a day fine you could face if found not to have this insurance in place.

Tools Insurance

Gardeners come in all shapes and sizes, and their toolbox is just the same. You could have tip-top machinery or hand tools, whatever it is, they could get stolen, damaged or lost whilst working on a garden, and then you'd be hard-pressed to get the job done. 

Your answer is Tool Insurance, as this covers you for up to £7,500 worth of tools. If they are stolen, we'll replace your tools. If they are lost or damaged, we'll also replace them. Take advantage of this policy now as it only costs £3.75 a month!

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Gardeners who have several projects on the go at once may want to consider taking out Professional Indemnity Insurance. This little beauty is for if you provide any design, advice or guidance on how best to do a garden. If your customer goes away, follows your plans/direction, and something goes wrong on the project, you could be held liable. 

That's where this type of cover gets to work. For just under £20 a month, any compensation owed by you will be covered by this type of insurance and will payout any indemnity up to £ 2 million. 

That's not all. We also offer Gardeners various other types of insurance like Van Insurance, Gadget Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and Income Protection

Public Liability Insurance for Gardeners

As you read above, Public Liability Insurance for your Gardening business is a no-brainer! It is by far our most popular type of cover for all trades. Why is that? Expert trade insurance professionals have designed Rhino's Public Liability Insurance. We have developed policies that are fully tailored for your trade and answer all your questions if you are ever in need. 

Public Liability Insurance isn't legally required, but you'd be crazy to work without it. It's there to protect you and your business from any claims that arise due to you injuring a customer, damaging their property or causing accidental death. 

Let's imagine you are working in a garden at a lovely country home. The sun is glistening; you have a bottle of water and take a short break when your customer pops out with an ice lolly for you to cool down. On their way, they trip over the lawnmower and sprain their ankle. In this situation, you could be liable to pay out compensation; without it, you could be in big financial trouble!

Not only does Public Liability Insurance protect you as a Gardener, but it also opens up new possibilities. With the right level of cover in place, you can work for your local authorities or councils, work as a contractor for the main contractor (maybe a house builder), or even apply to join a relevant trade body or association. With Public Liability Insurance, the doors to your trade business's success swing open. 

Here is a brief idea of what your cover includes with Rhino

  • Our policies start at just £72.80 a year - a proper bargain!
  • We can offer you three levels of cover ranging from £ 1 million to £5 million. 
  • We will only ever ask for an excess of £500 on all standard claims. 
  • You can add information to your policy, change info or make adjustments for free - no greedy admin fees. 
  • Pay with interest-free instalments
  • Buy online in under a minute or call one of our lovely UK team. 
  • Additional policy add-ons are available if needed. 
  • Certificates and documentation are instantly available to you.

Anything else I need to know?

Well, when taking out a policy with Rhino Trade Insurance. Not only will you guarantee your gardening business against anything that goes wrong, but you will also get a few little benefits on top. Namely, a price that is, on average, up to 40% cheaper than most industry competitors. 

You'll join a growing community of tradesmen and women, who all follow us on our social channels because we are an insurer with a personality. We could sit and list so many positives, but we'll end with all of our insurance policies are tailored precisely to your trade. If you have any issues, just give one of our lovely UK team a ring, and they will fix whatever you need and have you back on the tools in no time. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

If we haven't twisted your arm with all of the above, then why not just check out our online quote form for a price. We promise you won't be disappointed, and it will literally take you under 60 seconds to do so. 

As a tradesperson, your time is vital, so we want you to focus on your job, not spend hours trying to find the best insurance deal. 

Please find out more here or call one of our staff members on 0116 243 7904 today. 

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