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A Guide to Painters and Decorators Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 25 July 2022

As a tradesperson, your toolkit can be made up of various things. The main thing is physical tools like hammers, saws, ladders, etc. It can also feature intangible things like your Painters and Decorators Insurance policy. 

Any self-employed tradesman or woman working in this trade will know that no two days are the same. You'll also be aware of the risks associated with the variety of work you take on. So that begs the question, do you really need Painters and Decorator's Insurance, and how will it benefit your business?

What types of insurance can Painters and Decorators take out?

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is the most notorious type of insurance any Painter and Decorator can take out. No matter your trade, this baby will cover your back when you get in a sticky situation. 

Let's say you somehow managed to damage a customer's property; maybe through a quick lapse of attention, you will be covered for any compensation owed. The same can be said if you injured a member of the public, supplier or third party whilst working your trade. It even stretches to accidental death (but we hope it never has to go that far). 

Employers' Liability Insurance 

Just like the above, only this time, Employers' Liability Insurance covers any employees or staff members you have working for your Painter and Decorator business. If they are doing a job you have set for them and manage to cause injury to the client or themselves, damage their property or cause unexpected death, you will be covered.

Please remember that any tradesman or woman who hires staff members is legally required to hold this insurance policy. Any trade business found to be avoiding it will face fines of £2,500 each day if you don't have a policy in place. 

Tools Insurance

Another popular policy that is increasingly taken out is Tool Insurance for Painters and Decorators. Figures released from local police forces in the UK have found tool theft to be consistently on the rise, and what with all the bells and whistles you can apply to your van and tools themselves, your last hope may be to consider tool insurance. 

You might not have too many tools for your trade but if they were stolen, ask yourself, would you have the money to replace them and could you manage to be out of work for a couple of days? 

At Rhino Trade Insurance, we can offer tool insurance for Painters and Decorators at a staggering price, starting at just £3.75 per month. Our policies can also protect your tools up to £10,000 in value!

Personal Accident Insurance

As a self-employed tradesman or woman, you most likely aren't covered if you ever need time off the tools for injury or illness. At Rhino Trade Insurance, our experts have come up with a cracking bit of cover so that if you ever have an accident at work and need an extended time off, you'll get a payout, so you aren't struggling.

Our Personal Accident Insurance offers cover starting at just £89.00 a year and can pay you a lump sum of £50,000 if an accident occurs. Find out more here

That's not all. We also offer Gardeners various other types of insurance like Professional Indemnity Insurance, Legal Defence Protection, Van Insurance, Gadget Insurance, and Income Protection

Who needs Painters and Decorator's Insurance?

Anybody who falls under the category of Painting and Decorating will need to consider their trade insurance options. You could be a handyman, a sub-contractor or even a Plasterer who finished the job with a lick of paint. Whatever you do, we will have the right type of protection for your trade. Find out who else we offer specialist insurance to here. 

Public Liability Insurance for Painters and Decorators

As we briefly showed above, Public Liability Insurance for Painters and Decorators is a vital piece of cover for your business. 

Having your trade business financially secure if something goes wrong will help you avoid sleepless nights! Moreover, we are a trade-specific insurance company, so we focus solely on you. We won't mess you around; we will be there if you need our help. 

From developing tailored policies for various trades to having a vibrant online personality, you'd be hard pressed to find a better trade insurer than Rhino. The icing on the cake? Our prices are, on average, up to 40% cheaper than most other industry insurance companies.  

So apart from keeping your safe and covered in case you cause damage or injure somebody, why else should you choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Take a quick look over our main Public Liability points:

  • £72,80 a year. You heard us correctly. Our prices start at just £72.80 a year. 
  • Depending on your Painters and Decorators business size, you can ask for premium cover ranging from £ 1 million, £2 million and £ 5 million. 
  • A straightforward excess of £500 per claim - unless it's a result of directly using heat. 
  • Does any information need changing? Moving home? Change of telephone number? Simply edit your policy details without incurring any admin fee! 
  • Simple monthly payment methods, all interest-free! 
  • Easily buy on our website in under 60 seconds or get in touch with our UK-based team!

Anything else I need to know?

Quite frankly, we think we've covered most of it! However, when taking out a policy for your Painters and Decorators business, you will get all of your documents and certificates immediately on your account. 

What else? If you want to add more cover, you can do so online or by calling us on 0116 243 7904. Take a look at the happy and satisfied tradesmen and women from all corners of the UK who do not regret choosing Rhino Trade Insurance. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

That's about it. If you have any more questions or queries regarding your current policy or taking out a new one, contact us today. Our friendly team are on-hand six days a week to chat you through your potential Painters and Decorators policy. 

Have a spare minute? Get a quote online now or call us on 0116 243 7904

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