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A Guide to Joiner Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 12 September 2022

For those who spend their days repairing wooden structures, erecting staircases, shaping timber into floorboards, window frames and fitted furniture, then having the correct Joiner Insurance is imperative! 

Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, our trade insurance specialists have been hard at work coming up with the best possible cover for the hardworking joiners of the UK. Why do you need it? How much does it cost, and why should you join Rhino? Let's find out. 

Why do you need Joiner's insurance? 

Having the right level of Joiner Insurance will save you stress, time and money. An accident could happen on-site at any given moment, and you could face a claim. You could, for example, be constructing a staircase in a new build or fitting a kitchen countertop in a country home. If you mistakenly dropped your heavy drill and caused damage that cannot be fixed, your customer may demand compensation! Having the right Joiner's Insurance will ensure you are covered in this situation and save you from having to pay out of your pocket.

What does joiners insurance cover?

As a Joiner looking for the right type of insurance for your business, you can practically cover every aspect of your trade. If you want to protect yourself and your customers from injury, you can. If you want to cover your tools in case of loss or theft, you can. If you want to avoid any unsuspecting legal claims, you can. We offer all this and much more at Rhino Trade Insurance, designed by our in-house trade experts. 

Is Public Liability Insurance valuable for a joiner?

Although Public Liability Insurance isn't required by law, you'd be best served taking out this comprehensive piece of insurance to ensure your business is covered should something go wrong. 

Working in the trades and on-site means that plenty can go wrong, and that's where Public Liability has your back. As a joiner, you may cause some type of accidental damage to a property, injury to a customer or a member of the public. In this case, your Public Liability Insurance policy will cover you for any compensation owed. At Rhino, you can get insurance from just £6.07 a month, and our cover ranges from £ 1 million to £10 million. 

Get a Quote now.

Do I need to have Employers' Liability Insurance?

Unlike Public Liability Insurance, having Employers' Liability Insurance is required by law. If you have any members of staff working for your joinery business, you must have cover in place. 

This is to protect yourself in case they cause some type of damage or injury on-site whilst undertaking the work you have set for them. Find out more about our Employers' Liability Insurance here. Our policies cost as little as £72.80 a year, and if you are caught without this insurance, you may be fined up to £2,500 a day.

What else could I get insurance for?

Tools Insurance

That all-important piece of cover. Protecting your prized possessions! Tool theft is sadly rising fast, and it's been found that, on average, £137,000 worth of tools are stolen daily in the UK. We have a variety of ways in which you can avoid being targeted; however, the last line of defence is Tools Insurance

Our popular policy protects your tools if they are stolen, lost or damaged and can cover you up to the value of £10,000. Our policies start at just £3.75 a month and can be easily added to your current insurance policy. 

Personal Accident Insurance

If you are a self-employed tradesperson and go out into the joinery world alone, do you have a plan if, for some reason, you couldn't work? Personal Accident Insurance is extremely popular for those who want to protect their income if they have a long layoff. 

For just £89.00 a year, you can cover yourself if you suffer an accident and can't work. This will cover you with a lump sum payment of up to £50,000. Find out more about this fantastic piece of cover now

On top of all of these quality pieces of cover, our experts here at Rhino HQ have designed tailored policies specific to joiners. Check out our Legal Defence Insurance, Van Insurance, Income Protection, Professional Indemnity and Gadget Insurance. 

How much does Joiner's insurance cost?

As you can tell from our in-depth paragraph above, you'll notice that plenty of factors can go into creating your insurance policy. With this in mind, we take a handful of points to help up calculate how much your insurance will cost. This can range from your work, how dangerous an accident could be, and how much a claim could add up to. 

Once we gauge this, we will come up with the best level of cover for your joinery business. All at the best possible price. To get an idea of the types of things, we need to understand the level of insurance you require. We look into the following:

  • The nature of your work
  • Business turnover
  • Business size
  • Your trade industry
  • Health and Safety History
  • A handful of other factors

Depending on who you generally work for, some clients you have may require you to have a specific level of cover. For example, any joiners who do regular work for councils will need a certain level of cover (£2 million+). We at Rhino offer a variety of cover levels ranging from £1 million to £10 million. Get in touch today as our policies start from just £6.07 a month. 

How do claims work?

Claiming your trade insurance shouldn't be a hassle. We want you to be stress-free and get back on the tools as quickly as possible. 

To learn more about how to claim with Rhino Trade Insurance, read our complete step-by-step guide here, or you can go straight to our claims page and find out more. On average, we aim to profess Joiner Insurance payouts within 24 hours. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Whether you are a newly qualified Joiner or a legend in the game, we have the right cover for you. Rhino has been the go-to trade insurer for tradespeople all over the UK for years and has dedicated trade experts ready to help you get the right insurance.

Get in touch with our friendly team now by calling 0116 243 7904 or get a quick and instant quote online. It will take you just under 60 seconds! 

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