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A Guide to Gas Fitter Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 26 September 2022

Each and every day can throw up something different when working as a Gas Fitter. One job will have you following industry protocols and taking notes from blueprints. The following job may have you doing a routine gas check-up. Whatever your day looks like, it's worthwhile having the correct insurance, and that's where Rhino Trade Insurance can help you out. 

Working with gas is an extremely dangerous trade, a list as long as your arm of things could go seriously wrong if the proper checks and balances aren't taken. In the UK, we assist thousands of Gas Fitters with their insurance, whether it's public liability, protecting their tools or their income in case they need time off. Whatever you need, we are here! 

Why do you need Gas Fitter insurance? 

Having Gas Fitters Insurance can add real value to your trade business. If a potential customer, supplier or local contractor wants to use your business, they may be swayed by that insurance document you possess. 

Anyone working in the Gas Fitting game knows you have to follow safety guidelines. On top of that, we all know that we are only human, and accidents can happen. That's why if you have a bad day and find yourself backed into a corner, you will have help via your insurance company to shield you should you need to make a claim. 

Whether you are laying a pipe, working to a specific spec, working with heat or maintaining various parts in a line, the possibilities for something to go wrong are endless. That's why the team at Rhino are here. We focus 100% of our efforts on the trades and have experts in-house who have designed tailored policies with each individual trade in mind. 

What does Gas Fitter insurance cover?

Insurance for Gas Fitters can cover a variety of areas. That's the beauty of our cover. Not only is the cost outstanding (on average, up to 40% cheaper than most competitors), but you can also choose what policies to add to your cover. Want to protect your tools? Easy. Need cover in case you get sick? We got your back. The possibilities are endless. 

Let's say you are hard at it on a job and cause some type of damage to your client's property. Maybe you injure a customer or member of the public whilst doing your work. Or (totally accidentally), you manage to cause death when plying your trade. All of this is covered under our Public Liability Insurance policy for Gas Fitters. At just £6.07 a month, this is probably the most important insurance you'll ever own. 

Similar to the above, only this one is related to any gas-fitting employees in your business. If they cause damage, injury or accidental death to a customer or member of the public, then you will be covered for any compensation owed. On top of this, having staff members on your books requires you to legally have this type of trade insurance. 

This insurance can benefit your trade business if you offer advice or design for a project as part of your work. Let's say you give insufficient information to a contractor, which ultimately costs them time, money and effort; you may be held responsible. Having Professional Indemnity Insurance in this instance would have you protected. 

One of the most essential pieces of trade insurance you may take out. You will undoubtedly hold expensive personal belongings and tools as a Gas Fitter. Tools theft is rising year on year, and with all of the defence mechanisms in place, having Tools In Transit Insurance may be your last port of call.

One final popular insurance we offer for Gas Fitters is Legal Expenses Insurance. This protects you in case you or your business needs legal help or defence. Many trade businesses find themselves legally in a spot of bother from time to time. More often than not, its to do with property disputes, employment and tax. This insurance will cover you in this scenario. 

  • And many others, including Contractors' All Risks Insurance, Van Insurance and Income Protection. 

Why should a Gas Fitter have Public Liability Insurance?

Working as a Gas Fitter comes with plenty of scope. You can spend time fitting pipes, fuse sockets and gas mains to residential or commercial buildings, all whilst doing so to a high standard because one wrong move and a gas problem could be catastrophic. 

More often than not, your work will bring you into contact with members of the public, customers, suppliers and contractors. This is why having Public Liability as a Gas Fitter is paramount to protecting your business. This cover provides you with the protection you need in case you cause any damage, injury or accidental death because of your work. No matter how unintentional it is, you could be held responsible and owe thousands if something goes wrong. 

Having Public Liability Insurance with Rhino Trade Insurance grants you safe protection from not having to shell out for any damages caused by your work. Without Public Liability Insurance, one wrong move and your business could fold with a snap of your fingers. 

Our policies start at just £72.80 a year and can protect you from £1 million to £5 million if needed. We have lots of information on why you should consider our policy, have a browse here:

Get a Quote now.

How much does Gas Fitter insurance cost?

Gas Fitters shouldn't have to worry about the cost of their insurance. It shouldn't be a burden either, and that's why we don't mess around at Rhino Trade Insurance. After a few simple details, you will have a quote in less than 60 seconds. 

We aim to get you the best deal so that you can get back on the tools as quickly as possible. Of course, every trade business is different, so this is the type of info we'll ask you to provide:

  • Turnover
  • Business size

How do claims work?

Logging a claim with Rhino Trade Insurance couldn't be more straightforward. We have a team of claims experts who have ironed out all creases and made claiming super simple! Once you are signed up, you will have all of your certificates and documents in your inbox and on your account. 

If you need to make a claim, all you will need is your policy number. To learn more about our process, check out our step-by-step guide here or visit our claims page to see how the process plays out in real-time. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

All Gas Fitters in the UK should take a moment to consider their insurance options. The running theme throughout this post has been that hazards and incidents can strike at any moment, and having the proper insurance policy can really be your safety net. 

At Rhino Trade Insurance, our experts of over 20 years in the trade game have designed specific policies aimed at almost every trade you can think of. If, as a Gas Fitter, you want to know more, give our lovely, UK-based team a call now: 0116 243 7904, or just get a quick and easy quote online: Quotes in just 60 seconds.

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