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Does Public Liability Insurance cover damage to third-party property?

Rhino Trade Insurance 14 May 2023

You've probably heard of Public Liability Insurance, but do you know what it actually protects against? 

Today we will look at whether this protection will step in if you accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property.

What exactly is Public Liability Insurance?

You probably interact with third parties every day as a trade business, whether they’re customers, members of the public, suppliers, or just about anybody else who falls into the category of ‘public’. 

Depending on your exact trade, you can encounter them in their homes, on your property, in the street or generally anywhere in the public domain. Dealing with lots of different people is part of what keeps your job interesting, but unfortunately brings with it the risk of causing accidents or injuries - not to mention causing damage to other people’s property.

A formal complaint in the shape of legal action against your company would be the most likely result of damage to a third party’s property. Finding your trade business in this situation could be expensive - especially if you run a small firm.

The beauty of Public Liability Insurance is that it will protect your business and assets in this scenario by offering a financial safety net to cover claims for property damage made against you.

Being financially protected by Public Liability Insurance will help you relax, knowing that a compensation claim from a third party will be taken care of from a financial point of view.

When setting up your trade business, one of the first things you should do is take out the right level of cover for your business. For most businesses, this will start with Public Liability Insurance - often referred to as the ‘bread-and-butter’ of trade insurance policies. Then, you can add policies to cover gaps in your business’s protection. 

Each time you agree on a job with a potential customer, be sure to explore the conditions first, as you may find that you are duty-bound to have a certain level of insurance before starting work with them. Almost every business in the UK will have some level of Public Liability Insurance in place.

If you find yourself in the midst of a legal fight, incurring fees, medical expenses and an eventual compensation payout, then your Public Liability Insurance will ensure you don't have to worry about any of this, as it will cover the costs.

Importance of Public Liability Insurance

Working in the trades will always present a variety of risks. Whether you are Plumber working with water, Electrician working with power, Gardener working with power tools or a Glazier working at height. 

Since Public Liability Insurance is not mandated by law in the UK, the decision to purchase it is theoretically yours. However, given that Public Liability claims are so frequent, it is not recommended to leave your company vulnerable. Every year, almost every trade business in the UK will buy a Public Liability policy to cover their backs in case their businesses cause an accident, injury or damage.

Incidents involving clients, suppliers, vendors or members of the public are covered under the policy and will cover your costs if a claim is lodged. Tradesmen and women should always have Public Liability Insurance in place if:

  • Your work involves operating potentially harmful tools that could lead to injury or property damage.
  • Your job consists of the use of potentially harmful chemicals. 
  • Your company gets regular visits to its shop or premises.
  • You often visit a customer's home or come into contact with them on-site.

Public Liability cover can be taken out easily via Rhino Trade Insurance. For almost every trade, our team has created high-quality insurance cover with indemnity starting at £1 million, £2 million, and £5 million - all of which can be purchased at some of the best prices on the market. 

Grab a price today on our simple-to-use quote engine.

How Public Liability Insurance covers you in case of damage

By purchasing Public Liability Insurance, you can have the peace of mind that your trade company will be able to survive if you cause damage to a third-parties property during your work. It also covers you for any injuries caused. An added bonus is that it pays for any legal costs incurred in rebutting a claim made against you.

These claims can be made for anything, from typical issues like minor property damage to extreme cases like a substantial water leak.  

The party making a claim might demand payment for any of the following:

  • Income loss as a result of harm or injury.
  • Property damage from your work.
  • Income lost in the future. 
  • Medical fees, travel expenses, and any additional expenses the claimant is responsible for covering.
  • Any other reasonable costs connected to bringing the claim, including legal fees.

How much does Public Liability cost?

The price of your Public Liability cover may vary depending on the trade you’re in. You have complete control over how much insurance you get, so you are free to opt for a lower indemnity if you wish; however, it should be noted that some contracts will demand that you have a certain amount of security in place.

Using Rhino's convenient quote engine to quickly obtain a price gives you a simple approach to figuring out how much cover your business requires. It will assess you on various pieces of information that might impact your insurance policy. For instance, the risk of harming someone while performing your profession increases with how dangerous the work is.

Your type of insurance your business needs will also depend on things like:

  • The size of your business
  • Your level of interaction with the public
  • Your contract sizes
  • If you've filed prior claims,
  • The level of risk connected to your job. 

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Rhino is committed to providing outstanding trade insurance to tradespeople in the UK. If you require high-quality coverage at an affordable price, we provide various flexible cover options at the tap of a button. 

Call us at 0116 243 7904 to speak with a friendly staff member if you require any support, or simply fill out our contact form if you would rather handle things on your own. 

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