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Which Football Team Best Represents Your Trade?

Rhino Trade Insurance 03 June 2024

As the Premier League season draws to a close, we thought we’d take a slightly different approach to our daily blog posts. Strap on your boots and grab your tools because we're about to embark on an epic journey to discover which Premier League teams perfectly embody the spirit of different trades. From the nail-biting tension of matchday to the precision of skilled craftsmanship, let's explore how the beautiful game mirrors the diverse world of tradespeople! 

Which Football Team Represents Your Trade?

Electricians: Manchester City - Precision and Power

When it comes to precision and power, no team in the Premier League quite matches the prowess of Manchester City. Just like skilled electricians wiring circuits flawlessly, Pep Guardiola's side conducts their matches with surgical precision. From their lightning-fast attacks to their intricate passing, City illuminates the pitch with electrifying performances. Much like how electricians power up our homes with precision, City's players power up their gameplay with technical brilliance and tactical acumen - could we describe electricians any better?

Plumbers: Arsenal - Staunch Defence, Smooth Flow

Plumbers are the unsung heroes who ensure everything flows smoothly, much like Arsenal’s defensive organisation this season. Not always known for their sturdy backline and disciplined defending, Arsenal have learned to plug leaks at the back and ensure a watertight defence! Just like how plumbers fix leaks and maintain the integrity of plumbing systems in clients' homes, Arsenal’s defenders keep opposition attacks at bay and maintain the smooth flow of the game. Whether it's blocking shots or intercepting passes, Arsenal’s defence is as solid as a well-installed pipe. Who better to be linked with Plumbers than one of the best teams in the country right now? 

Plasterers: Liverpool - Smooth and Seamless

When it comes to smooth and seamless performances, Liverpool FC under Jurgen Kiopp is the team to watch. Much like skilled plasterers creating flawless finishes, Liverpool players move with grace and precision on the pitch - or heavy metal football, as fans call it. With their silky touches and quick, slick passing, Liverpool seamlessly transitioned from defence to attack, leaving opponents in their wake and generally scoring for fun in the process. Whether it's a perfectly weighted through ball or a delicate chip over the goalkeeper, Liverpool's performances over the past few seasons are as polished as a freshly plastered wall!

Painters & Decorators: Tottenham Hotspur - Flair and Finesse

When it comes to individual flair and finesse, no team in the Premier League quite matches the artistry of Tottenham Hotspur. With their breathtaking attacking play and sublime individual skill (from legends like Bale, Modric and Kane), Spurs paint beautiful pictures on the canvas of football. Just like painters blend colours to create masterpieces, Tottenham blends talent and creativity to produce mesmerising performances (even if they go off the boil sometimes, they are always doing their best). Whether it's a perfectly weighted pass or a stunning solo goal, Spurs players are as artistic as they come.

Bricklayers: Newcastle United - Solid Foundations, Strong Structure

Bricklayers are known for building solid foundations and strong structures, much like Newcastle United's approach to football under Eddie Howe and the new ownership. With a sturdy defence and a resilient mindset, Newcastle laid the groundwork for success. Just like bricklayers ensure sturdy and durable walls, Newcastle ensures a solid defensive structure that is difficult to break down. Whether it's blocking shots or winning aerial duels, Newcastle's defenders are as dependable as a well-built brick wall!

Gas Engineers: Brighton - Efficiency and Elegance

For tradespeople who value efficiency and elegance, Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club is the epitome of excellence, with its fantastic attention to detail and nurturing of young talent. Much like skilled gas engineers ensuring the smooth operation of heating systems, Brighton’s players operate with precision and finesse on the pitch (of course, under the guidance of Roberto De Zerbi). 

With their fluid passing and intelligent movement, Brighton creates seamless transitions from defence to attack. Whether it's a perfectly timed interception or a clinical finish, Brighton’s performances are as efficient as a well-maintained boiler - unfortunately, the boiler could do with a slight tweak right now due to injuries. 

Landscapers: Leicester City

Landscapers transform ordinary spaces into stunning landscapes, much like how Leicester City transformed the footballing landscape with their historic Premier League triumph in 2016. Known for their underdog spirit, work ethic, and team unity, Leicester embodies the essence of resilience and transformation. Just as landscapers sculpt gardens with precision and care, Leicester sculpts victories with their gritty performances and tactical acumen. They prove that with determination and teamwork, even the most improbable dreams can blossom into reality (and although they may not be in the Premier League currently, we had to include them as Rhino’s local team and the fact they have just won promotion). 

What Trade Insurance is available to Tradespeople?

When it comes to protecting your trade business and livelihood, having the right trade insurance is essential. Here's a breakdown of the types of insurance available with Rhino Trade Insurance:

  • Public Liability Insurance: This covers you for claims made by members of the public for injury or damage to their property caused by your work. It's a fundamental cover for tradespeople - the bedrock, especially if you work on client premises.
  • Employers Liability Cover: If you have employees, this insurance is a legal requirement. It protects you against claims from employees who suffer injury or illness as a result of their work for you.
  • Tool Insurance: As tradespeople, your tools are non-negotiable. Tool insurance provides coverage for theft, loss, or damage to your tools and equipment, whether they're on-site, in transit, or stored in your van.
  • Professional Indemnity: If you provide advice or professional services, this trade insurance protects you against claims for negligence, errors, or omissions. It's particularly important for tradespeople who offer consultancy or design services.

Investing in the right insurance can provide the peace of mind and financial protection needed in case your business suffers an unanticipated event. Make sure to assess your needs carefully and choose a personalised policy from Rhino Trade Insurance that best suits your business. 

Our team can assist with any questions you have and provide excellent coverage at an affordable rate. Not to mention, we have over 3,000 five-star reviews for our service. Give the team a call today, we are open six-days a week and can be found at: 0116 243 7904 or on our website

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