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Reasons why you need Public Liability insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 14 December 2021

You might have landed here wondering whether you need Public Liability Insurance? Is this type of policy compulsory? Or what does it cover? That’s why Rhino Trade Insurance is here to help. Our superstar team have worked hammer and tong for years, creating the best possible tradesman insurance cover you can get on the market. 

We all know the daily struggles that tradesmen and women come up against. It’s a challenging industry, rife with injuries, damages and risk of death. That’s why all self-employed tradesmen should consider covering themselves with Public Liability Insurance. Forget about Horlicks - Taking out a Public Liability policy with Rhino will give you that satisfaction you need to sleep easy at night. But what’s it all about? Let’s take a look now! 

Why do you need Public Liability Insurance?

When you are a self-employed tradesman or run a business that comes into contact with customers and members of the public, it’s more than likely that Public Liability Insurance will protect you should something go wrong. 

Rhino’s most popular insurance policy amongst tradesmen and women is Public Liability Insurance. The reason being is that it covers you for compensation stemming from damages, injury or death caused by your work to the customer, members of the public or a third party.

Public Liability Insurance is seen as imperative for any business, especially those working in the trade industry. Not because we think you are a cowboy builder, but because it makes business sense to cover yourself and your businesses back should the worst happen.  

Our policies start at just £72.80 a year and offer indemnity up to £5 million of the Queen’s pounds! 

Is public liability a legal requirement?

To put it simply, Public Liability Insurance in the UK is not a legal requirement for your business. However, we are scratching our heads on a daily basis at how that’s the case. Our friends working in the trades take contracts regularly where it is stipulated that they need Public Liability Insurance to work on the job. Quite frankly, any customer employing tradesmen without this type of insurance is taking a huge gamble with their property, not to mention their own bank balance. 

For example, local councils will insist that you have Public Liability Insurance in place should you take up work for them. And if you’re hoping to gain any awards or badges from trade associations, for example, you will likely need the right cover in place to achieve this.

For the sake of £6.07 a month (less than a Netflix membership), you can get yourself covered for any damages, injuries caused or accidental death that you or your business are deemed responsible for. As Delboy says, “You know it makes sense”. Why not check out our simple to use online quote system now and see how much you could be saving. 

What trades need Public Liability Insurance?

As we stated above, if your trade business comes into contact with any members of the public or third party, chances are you will need some level of Public Liability Insurance in place.

Rhino Trade Insurance are specialists in tradesman insurance and have spent over 20 years honing our craft. We have covered thousands of tradesmen and women up and down the UK, offering tailor-made insurance plans for various trades. Here are just a few that we offer protection for and who would benefit from Public Liability Insurance:

We have thousands of 5* reviews from people in the trades for the service we offer. We also provide several other policies that can be added to our popular Public Liability Insurance. To name a couple: 

  1. Tools Insurance protects your tools, even overnight, against theft or damage. Think about it - it’s not going to be easy turning up on-site without them, is it?!
  2. Income Protection Insurance ensures that you still get paid in the event that you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

What does public liability insurance cover?

Ah, the critical part! We are glad you made it here! Public Liability Insurance at the crux is a fantastic piece of protection that covers your business if you damage a customers property, injure a member of the public or cause accidental death due to the work you are undertaking. 

It’s an all-important insurance policy should a third party bring forth a legal complaint against your business (whether they are an individual or corporate). It would ensure that your business would be covered financially for the legal costs or compensation up to the level of indemnity chosen. 

To decide what level of Public Liability Insurance your business needs ultimately comes down to the size and nature of the work you undertake. As such, Rhino Trade Insurance have various levels of cover available, ranging from £1 million, £2 million & £5 million. Trying to judge the amount of indemnity needed can be tricky. That’s why our cracking UK team are on hand, ready and waiting for any queries you may have six days a week. 

What claims does Public Liability Insurance cover?

With Rhino Trade Insurance, our Public Liability Insurance will offer protection to members of the public and third parties for injuries, damages or death caused by your work. This can include a variety of people, including your clients, any suppliers visiting your business premises or another public member that comes into contact with your daily trade. 

If you are trying to picture what Public Liability Insurance covers, just think of these examples:

  • Dave is refitting an upstairs bathroom, and the dafty causes a flood that ruins the customer’s imported Italian carpet. Knowing it will cost an arm and a leg, Dave has Public Liability Insurance which will cover him for the incoming claim and due compensation. 
  • Let’s take Dave again. He’s having a shocking day, isn’t he? But along with ruining the customer’s carpet, the flood gets on a slippery floor and causes the customer to fall and injure their arm. As Public Liability Insurance is there to protect members of the public and third party individuals from injury, Dave will be covered again for any potential claims that arise, especially any costs resulting from medical bills. 

Get your Trade Insurance sorted now. 

If you are a tradesman looking to take our Public Liability Insurance cover, whether that’s for the first time or looking to renew at a better rate. Then it’s time for you to give Rhino a call. Our friendly team at Rhino HQ, based in Leicester, are experts in trade insurance and take the time to understand each individual customers need. 

We don’t want to trick you with a load of insurance jargon, bore you or rip you off. We want you to understand your cover and offer you the best protection available to your business at a reasonable price. If you are looking to take our Public Liability Insurance, give one of our team a call today on 0116 243 7904 or simply get a quote online now, we are like an F1 pitstop team. You’ll have it in less than 60 seconds.  

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