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Examples of Public Liability Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 24 June 2022

Just imagine the scenario. You are a newly qualified, self-employed tradesman or woman. You are beginning to build up clients and get called out for jobs when you suddenly realise that you haven't got the right trade insurance. After a quick Google, you realise Public Liability Insurance is the absolute bare necessity to keep yourself and your business covered.

But what exactly is Public Liability Insurance, and why does it benefit you as a tradesperson? Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we insure thousands of self-employed tradespeople all over the UK. From builders, plumbers and electricians to chefs, upholsterers and even locksmiths. We have the right type of cover for you, so let's find out more about it!

What is Public Liability Insurance?

As we briefly mentioned, Public Liability Insurance is the absolute bedrock of your trade insurance policy. Without this, it simply wouldn't be safe to leave your home and go about your trade. If you did, you'd be taking a huge risk!

Public Liability Insurance, in a nutshell, is for any self-employed tradesperson or business owner that regularly comes into contact with clients and public members. Public Liability will protect you in the event of something going wrong with these people. 

It's for that reason that it's our most popular piece of cover. It guarantees that any tradesperson who causes accidental damage to a customer's home or property inflicts injury via their work, or causes unintentional death will be protected from any compensation claims brought forward. 

As a tradesman or woman, getting yourself a quality policy should be at the top of your list of things to do. This isn't because we see you all as cowboy builders, quite the opposite. Having Public Liability simply makes business sense and offers peace of mind to yourself and your clients should anything go wrong. 

Here at Rhino, our Public Liability policies start at just £72.80 a year. But why else should you consider Rhino Trade Insurance? 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance for your Public Liability Insurance?

Now, having Public Liability Insurance is NOT a legal requirement. But as we have just shown above, you'd be taking a bigger gamble than what it's worth not taking out a policy. 

For the monthly price of £6.07 (cheaper than a Netflix membership), you get all of these benefits:

  • Tip-top Insurance protection starting at £6.07 per month! 
  • Quality cover options ranging from £1 million, £2 million and £5 million
  • A standard excess of just £500 for all liability claims that aren't a result of the use of heat.
  • We also don't charge for any change of details or if you would like to change your policy. Admin charges were so ten years ago!
  • Just like an Amazon Prime membership, we offer monthly payment options to make it easier for you. Plus, we offer these payment plans interest-free! 
  • You can easily purchase online or over the phone, and it won't take you forever to take out our cover. What's more, our team is based in Leicester, so you'll speak to an actual human-based in the UK now.
  • Finally, you'll have access to your credentials and documents immediately via your online account. We'll also email them over to you as well. 

Public Liability Insurance Claim Examples

Plumber Example:

Plumbers deal with a variety of tools, gadgets and fixings. In this instance, the Plumber is refitting a bathroom and installing all-new shower fixings, bath, toilet and sink. Annoyingly, one of the push-fit pipes he fits isn't tight and starts to leak water causing the top floor to flood when the water is turned back on. 

Finding themselves in hot water, the Plumber could be facing the cost of damages for £20,000. Fortunately, they have Public Liability Insurance, which covers the cost. Due to their cover, the Plumber only pays £500 in excess.

Kitchen and Bathroom Fitter Example:

A policyholder who fits a variety of kitchens and bathrooms holds Public Liability Insurance. The lower units they had installed weren't properly fitted, and when a fellow contractor knelt on the units, they collapsed, causing injury and time off work. The resulting cost of the damage was £6,500. Fortunately, the tradesman only had to pay £500 excess due to their insurance.

The claim is settled for £17,500, and the Kitchen and Bathroom fitter only had to pay £500 as this is the standard excess for every liability claim.

Car Valet Example:

Whilst plying their trade and cleaning a beautiful motor. A car valet mistakenly scratches the car whilst using the shammy leather. After informing the customer, they decide to bring forward a claim. 

As the car valet is self-employed, the claim will go through their own Public Liability Insurance to remedy the issue. After the process, the customer is awarded £10,000 to alleviate any damages to their vehicle. The Car Valet is free to go about his job and has only paid the standard £500 excess. 

Catering Example:

Whilst working hard to cater for a wedding, you slightly undercook some chicken by accident which is scoffed down by some hungry partygoers. The individual then suffers from an upset stomach and a bug which means they need some time off work (no, it's not a hangover). 

After some scouting around, the source of this is found to be the caterer's food at the wedding, and a compensation claim is lodged. They received a reward of £6000 for their troubles, and the caterer only had to pay £500 in excess. 

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Rhino Trade Insurance focus solely on the trades. We have built our products to be tailored to almost all trades in the UK, and our experience makes us specialists in this field. 

We have provided top cover for thousands of tradesmen and women up and down the UK. Here are just a few of the trades we offer dedicated protection for and who would 100% benefit from Public Liability Insurance:

The icing on the cake? We have thousands of 5* reviews from people working in the trades. Fancy finding out the right cover for you? Get in touch to talk about Public Liability Insurance, tool insurance, or whatever you need now on 0116 243 7904.

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