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5 Common questions about Plumbers Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 25 April 2023

Spending your time resolving issues in customers' properties when it comes to water, gas, heat pumps, and more is your bread and butter as a Plumber. It's crucial to remember to take care of your own affairs as well because a single error could become pretty expensive. 

What should you look for in an insurance policy? Insurers generally offer specialised insurance to many important industries, including Plumbers and Heating Engineers. But what insurance policies are appropriate for Plumbers to include in their plan so they have confidence that any potential risks are covered?

This Plumbers Insurance guide will answer common questions and provide you with all the details on the options available to your business. It will also demonstrate how expensive a claim can be, which, with adequate insurance, will be taken care of in a heartbeat. 

Do Plumbers need insurance?

Plumbing contractors offer essential services to thousands of homeowners and businesses across the UK. There are plenty of issues that can arise as a customer, but Plumbers must take into account many particular risks and hazards that can become apparent on any working site. In fact, any accident concerning the installation and maintenance of pipes or fixtures can result in significant property damage and even legal action. 

Working around water can be dangerous, particularly when you consider the potential damage and increased likelihood that slips and falls can happen. Given the state of the economy, Plumbers might view insurance as an extra expense. However, Plumber's Insurance needs to be thought of as an investment that can safeguard you from unexpected costs down the line. It is absolutely essential to have the correct insurance in place, no matter if you are a self-employed jobbing Plumber or the owner of a Plumbing business.

Should Public Liability insurance be included in your Plumber's insurance policy?

While you strive to finish a project to the best standard possible, it doesn't take much for an issue to crop up and damage to be caused. If a situation arose that caused damage to property or injury was inflicted on a customer or passerby, Public Liability Insurance would help you if legal action was brought against your business. Accidents are always prevalent in the trade industry, and a comprehensive Public Liability Insurance policy will protect you against any third-party property damage or injury caused by your or your employee's work.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen on-site due to the risks attached to the trade industry. Should you find yourself in a position where something has gone wrong, having the correct cover in place protects you in the event that you need to make a claim and will cover your costs.

Without the right insurance, you could find yourself in a position where your business is taken to court and compensation is sought. In this situation, it is you, or your business, who would need to cover these costs.

Whatever your job, there are risks involved in trade life, from Bricklayers to Glaziers. The tools you use, the things you work with, or the fact that you are working at a height could all be the reason you need to make a claim. Whatever the reason, risks and hazards are a part of the game; you just need to find the right ways to manage these problems. 

One of the first actions a client or member of the public is likely to take if they are injured is to take legal action against your company. Whether the mishap was caused by carelessness on your part, a mistake on their part, or a simple "act of God," you and your company may be held accountable.  

Legal action may be sought for the following:

  • Income lost as a result of a personal accident. 
  • Medical costs, including physiotherapy or rehabilitation
  • Any additional costs the claimant has incurred as a result of what happened
  • Aside from those costs, you'll also need to pay for legal representation to protect you in court and solicitor's fees to assist with handling the legal aspects of the claim made against you.

Rhino offers low-cost cover to tradesmen and women and also provides Public Liability Insurance, with levels of protection ranging from £1 million to £5 million. This means that, depending on the cover you choose to purchase, you could be protected from financial loss of up to £5 million.

Is Employers' Liability Insurance necessary for a Plumbing business?

Employers' Liability is a layer of protection for your company if an employee is hurt or falls ill at work. Of course, you will conduct routine risk assessments and encourage safe working practices; however, you can't always plan for unexpected accidents or illnesses. Employers' Liability Insurance can pay for the cost of the claim and the legal fees spent by the company defending the case in addition to any compensation that is due. 

Employers' Liability Insurance must be purchased if you operate as a limited company and employ anyone else. This is an essential piece of protection when purchasing business insurance.

Our Employer's Liability Insurance is an easy add-on to our Public Liability coverage. As always, our online shop makes buying from Rhino Trade Insurance simple and quick.

Find out everything you need and more about Employers' Liability Insurance by reading our blog here

How else can you protect your Plumbing firm?

We provide professional insurance for almost all plumbing specialities. If you discover an area that we don't cover, we'll send you some free merchandise! These are the most common plumbing-related trades that Rhino Trade Insurance cover:

Here are all the notable insurance genres that Rhino Trade Insurance offer and that help your plumbing company:

Public liability insurance - is frequently referred to as a "tradesman's bread and butter" because it offers the essential protection you require in the event that you harm, kill, or injure a client or their property while on the job.

Employers Liability Insurance - Employers liability insurance protects the insured if an employee is hurt or killed while on the job. It is crucial to remember that anyone who employs someone in their company must comply with the legal requirements of the UK and take out enough Employers Liability Insurance.

Contractors All Risks Insurance - is essential for anyone working on a building site. Your contract worth, installed and rented machinery, and even employee tools and effects are covered. To obtain the appropriate amount of insurance, choose the level of coverage you need today and get a quote.

Legal Expenses Insurance - Legal protection is important for any tradesman or woman because it covers the expense of filing a lawsuit and defending against it. Legal claims can encompass everything from debt recovery to property disputes, and should a claim ever be necessary, they can significantly reduce the policyholder's legal costs.

Personal Accident Insurance - Our accident coverage provides a lump sum payment if an injury or death prevents you from working. Additionally, it provides coverage against a wide range of possible accidents and injuries, as well as a daily hospital benefit. This is amazing protection for anybody who works for themselves and worries about how to pay for things in the event of an extended period of time off. 

Income Protection Insurance - Income protection is a useful form of sickness insurance, protecting the policyholder if their medical condition prevents them from working. You can get up to 12 months of sick leave covered by our insurance, which offers various degrees of indemnity.

Tax Enquiry Insurance - When purchasing insurance, tax coverage is frequently forgotten. However, this insurance is beneficial because it offers protection in the event that HMRC opens an investigation into your tax situation.

Tool Insurance - Are there any people you know who have had their equipment stolen while in transit? Unfortunately, almost 50% of tradespeople will experience tool theft at some point. If your van or tools are taken, having the proper insurance in place may be your only line of defence. We offer cover for devices up to £10,000, which protects against loss, theft and damage. 

Gadget Insurance - What is more essential than protecting your vital gadgets and devices? Gadget and mobile phone insurance is one type of trade insurance that protects you in the event of loss, theft, or injury and replaces the gadgets you have covered. 

For every bit of information you need on our insurance, feel free to visit our website, call us on 0116 243 7904 or if you would like to learn more hints, tips and tricks concerning your business insurance, you can read our thriving blog with plenty of content to help your trade business. 

What factors affect Plumber Insurance premium costs?

Trades insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution. An insurance estimate can vary in a variety of ways, so Rhino Trade Insurance has created an intuitive online quotation engine that provides you with a direct and accurate quote in mere seconds (yes, really!).

A quote is based on several variables, such as your profession, turnover, the amount of indemnity coverage you want, the size of your company, the tools you use at work, and whether you have any employees. The price of your insurance will depend on all of these factors, but don't worry - trade insurance shouldn't break the bank; that's why we work hard to keep our prices affordable. 

To understand how people in the trade view Rhino, you can see thousands of reviews from tradesmen and women on the job here. Alternatively, we've picked out a favourite review of ours below:

"I've used Rhino for the past 3 years for my Electrical and Plumbing business. They have the best rates on the market and sort everything for me quickly and easily. I'd recommend Rhino Trade Insurance to anyone looking for tradesman insurance for their business. 5 star!" 

Bob - Rhino Customer

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Small business owners may feel helpless when it comes to a threat against their business, but we are here to instil confidence in you that you can control the trajectory of your company and how to react if a claim is made. Preparation is key when it comes to accidents, injuries and damages. Having comprehensive trade insurance, which includes enough Public Liability coverage, can shield you from both major incidents and less severe problems.

Several factors influence the insurance products that Plumbers require. If you're still uncertain and fancy some help, speak with one of our trade insurance executives, who will clarify each product and guide you towards a choice based on your unique needs. 

For all the insurance information you might want, contact Rhino Trade Insurance at 0116 243 7904 or visit our website. With this helpful online quote engine, you can quickly find a price.

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