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7 Smart Tech Products Your Trade Business Should Offer

Rhino Trade Insurance 07 July 2024

There's no denying that technology is changing the game for us all. Smart devices are no longer just for tech enthusiasts; they're becoming essential tools for tradespeople and their clients looking to make their work more efficient, their lives easier, and their customers happier. In this post, we're going to dive into the world of smart devices and explore 10 game-changers that you should be offering your customers. From smart thermostats to wireless security cameras, we've got you covered whatever your trade. 

Smart Thermostats: Taking Control of Comfort

Gone are the days of fiddling with manual thermostats. As a plumber or heating engineer, why not introduce your clients to the world of smart thermostats, like the Nest Learning Thermostat. These sleek devices learn your clients' heating and cooling preferences, adjusting the temperature automatically. The best part? They can be totally managed remotely through a smartphone app, making it a breeze for homeowners to ensure they return to a cosy abode after a long day of work. Phil, our content writer, has a Hive smart thermostat at home and lives by the thing! 

Smart Locks: Keyless Convenience

Whether you are a locksmith, glazier or window installer, it may be time to say goodbye to traditional locks and keys as it could be time to embrace the future with smart locks. Brands like August and Yale offer keyless entry, allowing your customers to unlock their doors with a smartphone or a code. Smart locks also give an added layer of security, sending instant alerts when someone tries to tamper with the lock. Installing these modern locks can give your clients peace of mind while adding a touch of tech-savvy flair to their homes - why not explore what they can do to grow your business now?

Video Doorbells: See Who's Knockin'

There's no more knock, knock - who's there? with a video doorbell. Whether you fit front doors, build beautiful wood frame doors or simply install security systems for residential homes, brands like Ring or Nest allow your clients to know exactly who is on their property.

Nifty devices like HD and 4K video doorbells not only allow homeowners to see who's at their door but also enable two-way communication. Ideal for enhancing security and providing a convenient way to handle deliveries or unexpected visitors, video doorbells are a game-changer for any household! With certain brands, your customers will even get mobile notifications if an animal or vehicle comes into their garden. 

Smart Lighting: Illuminate Your Customer's Homes

From electricians to handymen - tradespeople are always looking for ways to help their clients light up their lives - literally. That's why branching out and offering smart lighting systems, such as Philips Hue, allow homeowners to control the ambience of their space with a simple tap on their smartphone. From adjusting brightness levels to changing the colour of the lights, these devices offer endless possibilities and can add a real element to their homes. As a professional, installation is typically straightforward, making it a hassle-free upgrade for your customers to opt for.

Wireless Security Cameras: Eyes Everywhere

When it comes to home/ property security, wireless cameras are the best in show. Brands like Arlo and Blink offer easy-to-install, weather-resistant cameras that can be placed strategically around your customer's property. This allows property owners to keep an eye on their home from anywhere in the world through a smartphone app. These cameras are not just a deterrent; they capture crucial footage in case of any untoward incidents, providing invaluable peace of mind. As a security professional, make sure you are offering smart cameras as an alternative for your clients. 

Smart Smoke Detectors: Safety First, Tech Second

Safety is paramount, and smart smoke detectors take it to the next level. Devices like the Nest Protect not only sound an alarm in case of smoke or carbon monoxide but also send alerts to your customers phones. This can be a game-changer, especially if your clients spend long hours away from home. The ability to silence false alarms with a simple wave of the hand is just the cherry on top - why not explore these products and add them to your offerings as a tradesman or woman? 

Smart Blinds: Let There Be (Smart) Light

Control over natural light and privacy is a luxury that smart blinds can provide. Devices like Lutron and IKEA's Fyrtur offer motorised blinds that can be operated with a smartphone app or voice commands. Imagine being able to tell your clients that they can wake up to gentle sunlight streaming through their windows, all without lifting a finger. It's a small touch that can make a big impact on the overall comfort and aesthetics of a home. As a handyman or general installer, why not look to offer this quality product today and grow your business?

And there we have it!

In this tech-driven world, staying ahead means embracing new devices like smart home products for your customers. As a tradesperson, you must always move with the times and enhance your services - these innovations not only boost customer satisfaction but also set you apart in a competitive market. 

As you invest in the future, don't forget to secure your hard work. Rhino Trade Insurance provides the coverage tradespeople need - offering peace of mind and ensuring your business stays resilient. Because in a connected world, smart tradespeople and smart insurance are the perfect duo for success! Give us a call - 0116 243 7904 - or check our website here

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