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Do tradesmen need an accountant?

Troy Stevens 21 September 2020

Every tradesman is faced with a choice when they go self-employed: do you take care of business bookkeeping, expenses management, tax calculations and tax payments yourself? Or do you engage an accountant to do this on your behalf?

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Rhino’s Friday Viral Volume 6

Joel Clyne 18 September 2020

Ever seen an alligator high five a turtle? Been tempted to buy a rug that looks like a steak bake? Or wondered what would happen if you jumped on the back of an ostrich? Well, we’re back with the weekly roundup of the best the internet has to offer and all of the above, features below. Enjoy!

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Five Common On-Site Injuries

Troy Stevens 11 September 2020

Working in any profession comes with it a certain level of danger and risk, and in all lines of work there are measures that we must take to keep safe. For people working in the trades, the threat of accident or injury is always a risk, and because of this it is important to be aware of the injuries and accidents that are common in the industry.

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Rhino’s Friday Viral Volume 5

Joel Clyne 11 September 2020

Ever seen an alligator high five a turtle? Been tempted to buy a rug that looks like a steak bake? Or wondered what would happen if you jumped on the back of an ostrich? Well, we’re back with the weekly roundup of the best the internet has to offer and all of the above, features below. Enjoy!

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World Suicide Prevention Day

Joel Clyne 10 September 2020

Suicide is something that can touch all of us. Whether it is someone we know, someone we care about, or something that affects us personally. How often has someone turned up on site and put on a brave face? Laughed and smiled their way through the day hoping that nobody will pick up on how they may actually feel? With today being World Suicide Prevention Day, now is the time to start the conversation.

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Proud to Have No Interest Fees

Troy Stevens 09 September 2020

We at Rhino are very proud to have literally no interest fees as part of our policy premiums when clients take out insurance products on a monthly basis. There are many ways in which insurance brokers tack on hidden fees when selling insurance to customers, a common example of this being an interest percentage added on for monthly payments.

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Fantasy Football 2020/21

Joel Clyne 07 September 2020

If you fancy yourself as a tactical master like Pep Guardiola, a booming personality like Jurgen Klopp or you just love chugging pints of gravy like Big Sam then test your hand in our Fantasy Football Mini League.

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Rhino Recommends: Album of the Week – Imploding the Mirage / The Killers

Joel Clyne 04 September 2020

Listen up tradesmen, we know that there’s nothing better than turning up that site radio and singing your heart out like no-one’s listening. We at Rhino HQ are always trying to keep our ear to the ground to seek out new music, new music that we just know you’d love to be butchering on site

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Rhino’s Friday Viral Volume 4

Joel Clyne 04 September 2020

It's Friday. It's midday. We know you're wanting to clock off for the week but you've got a few hours left until you can finally head back and relax. Here's a little something to give that Friday feeling a lovely little boost. Take a few minutes and see the best the internets had to offer this week. We just hope you've got better friends than the lad in the first video.

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Top Five Tips for Keeping Safe at Work after Covid-19

Joel Clyne 03 September 2020

With the market alive and kicking once again after the lockdown ease, tradespeople across the UK are at last finding themselves out on the road, on-site, and in customer’s homes every single day. This is undoubtably fantastic for the industry, and we feel that it is still important to ensure that you are keeping yourself, and those you come into contact with, as safe as possible in this post Covid-19 landscape.

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The Top 5 Trade Influencers You Should be Following Right Now

Joel Clyne 02 September 2020

If you’re anything like me then you spend more time on YouTube than you do anything else. Whether you’re new to the trades or you’re a veteran in your field, watching other like-minded professionals on the job makes for interesting and often enlightening viewing. Throw in some hilarity and top banter and you’ve got a cocktail for a cracking social media influencer.

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Five Tips for Staying Safe on the Tools

Joel Clyne 01 September 2020

When you are working on-site, at a customer’s premises or even in your garage, it is important to make sure that you are staying safe. We at Rhino want to make sure that everyone stays safe when they are working on the tools, so have put together five tips for staying safe whilst working.

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Rhino & Fix Continue the Countdown to the ‘Best Onsite Song’

Joel Clyne 29 August 2020

We have been loving the Fix 500 this bank holiday weekend and are so happy to be a part of the countdown to the nation’s favourite onsite song.

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Rhino’s Friday Viral Volume 3

Joel Clyne 29 August 2020

It’s that time again and what a way to set you up for a bumper bank holiday than a bit of Rhino’s Friday Viral. Now I know that you all want to read about Rhino’s low cost trade insurance deals, we know you are interested in the fact that Rhino doesn’t charge interest on monthly insurance payments, but hey, it’s our Friday too, and we want to share with you what made our sides split this week on the weird wide world of the internet.

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The Fix 500 Best On-Site Songs

Troy Stevens 28 August 2020

Have you ever wondered what the best site song for trades people is? Well Fix Radio are on a mission to find out this bank holiday! Learn more here.

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Test Yourself before you Wreck Yourself – MOT Exemption Comes to an End

Joel Clyne 28 August 2020

As we all start to get back to reality and more importantly work, it's important to remember other key aspects of life such as renewing your MOT! Learn more about MOT updates here.

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Rhino’s Friday Viral Volume 2

Joel Clyne 21 August 2020

It’s Friday. It’s midday. I’m ready to clock off and head for a pint but first, here’s the Friday Viral. Our favourite clips from the week, enjoy!

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Happy Mondays: Apply For Second Government Grant

Joel Clyne 21 August 2020

Happy Mondays! If you're self employed or a member of a partnership, you can make a claim, here's how!

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Take a Day off Taking the Day Off

Troy Stevens 21 August 2020

At Rhino, we believe in keeping things simple, including making sure you have the right insurance! Read how Rhino make getting insurance quick & easy, here.

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International Left Handed Day

Troy Stevens 13 August 2020

To all you lefties out there who thought you were going unnoticed – a happy International Left Handers Day to you from Rhino Trade Insurance! Yes, apparently this day really exists.

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