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Rhino Trade Insurance provide a range of valuable tradesman insurance policies for gardeners, installers and fitters. Whether you are installing alarms, fitting kitchens, erecting sheds, providing gardening services, or pretty much anything else under the sun – Rhino can help you protect your business and your livelihood.

At highly competitive premiums, we can provide you with the policies you need to stay protected and get on with the job.

What is Tradesman Insurance?

Tradesman insurance (such as gardeners insurance, installers insurance and fitters insurance) means any insurance policy package designed especially for the needs of tradesmen (and tradeswomen of course). Here at Rhino, trade insurance is what we do, so when dealing with us you can be sure that you’re getting the very best insurance policies, expert advice and customer care.


Why Do Gardeners, Installers & Fitters Need Tradesman Insurance?

Let’s look at the two main reasons why all tradespeople need insurance:

  • You’re self-employed

For starters, most tradespeople are self-employed, and anyone self-employed should be well protected with business insurance policies – for example with Public Liability Insurance which offers a safety net should a third-party claim be brought against your business. Ultimately, tradespeople need trade insurance to safeguard themselves financially should something happen to jeopardise their livelihood. 

  • Your job carries high risk

Tradespeople, who are generally self-employed, are at further risk of needing to pay out of pocket as they take on significantly more risk in their daily work than is found in most professions. More risk of having an accident or causing harm to another person, or damaging their property, means a high likelihood of someone bringing a costly case to your door, hence why policies like Personal Accident Insurance are so popular with tradespeople.


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What risks do you face as a gardener, installer or fitter?

If you’re working as a gardener, or installing fireplaces, furniture, carpets, gazebos, porches, bathrooms, kitchens, alarms, aerials (the list goes on), then you will face certain risks in the course of your work. These include:

  • Slips, trips and falls

It’s very common to experience accidents of this type when working in a trade like yours. Things like wet floors, uneven floors, stray equipment and wires left out are all frequent culprits.

  • Strains and sprains

The lifting and carrying involved in your work can easily cause muscular injuries. 

  • Falls from height

If you’re working on a ladder or scaffold at any point, there’s a chance you could experience a fall from height.

  • Fractures and wounds

Hand-held tools and power tools, as well as the equipment you’re installing, can all cause injury to your hands, arms and other body parts.

  • Diseases

You might not think about the long-term health consequences of your job. If you can get through without having an accident, you might think this is good enough. However, things like skin diseases and respiratory conditions are just some of the longer-term risks faced by people doing your type of work.

  • Theft 

It may not be as bad as sustaining a physical injury, but in your trade you’re unfortunately quite vulnerable to theft. Think of all the tools and equipment you use in any given week – not to mention your work vehicle itself. 

  • Tax investigation

As a self-employed contractor, it’s always a possibility that you will need to defend your tax or IR35 status to HMRC. They can launch an investigation at random, leaving you to foot the bill for your own legal defence or pay some potentially hefty, backdated tax bills.


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Consequences of not having insurance

Given the risks listed above, you can see how important it is to have the correct insurance in place to cover you in case you need to settle third-party claims against your trade business, take some time off work due to injury or illness, replace stolen or damaged tools or equipment or defend yourself against a tax enquiry.

Not having insurance in place means that you’ll have to bear every penny of the associated costs yourself. Given that Public Liability Insurance claims alone regularly reach the tens of thousands, it’s unlikely you’ll have enough cash going spare. 

Certain types of insurance – such as Public Liability Insurance – are needed to make you more employable, too. Many customer, including councils and corporations, won’t hire you unless you have this insurance in place. And Employer’s Liability Insurance is actually a legal requirement in the UK if you have any staff.

Having the right insurance – and at the correct levels of indemnity – offer invaluable peace of mind and protection for the future.




With Rhino, you can purchase a fully tailored insurance package personalised specifically to your business and its needs. Here are some of the most common policies gardeners, installers and fitters add to their bespoke policy suite from Rhino:

Public Liability Insurance

For most self-employed tradesmen and women, including gardeners, installers and fitters, Public Liability Insurance is an important policy to have in place. Public Liability Insurance protects you against the financial fallout if you accidentally cause injury or harm to someone while you’re carrying out your job. This would include something like a slip, trip or fall, as well as other injuries and illnesses. Public Liability Insurance is there to cover the cost of things like legal bills, damages and compensation payments e.g. medical treatment or lost income compensation for the injured party.

Public Liability Insurance also covers property damage, so you don’t need to worry about paying for any damage you accidentally cause to a customer’s property while you’re working. 

Employer's Liability Insurance

Do you employ any staff in your gardening, installation or fitting business? If so, Employer’s Liability Insurance exists to cover your costs if someone you employ sustains an injury or illness while working for you.

Employer’s Liability Insurance also covers instances where a member of your staff has their property damaged during work, and you’re found liable.

The cost of settling such claims can mount up – which is why you’ll be grateful for this policy when the time comes. It’s also a legal requirement to hold in the UK if you’re an employer.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

​If you have tools which you transport and store in a vehicle, (and we assume that you do!) you may wish to consider Tools in Transit Insurance. 

This type of insurance will cover the cost of repair/replacement for your tools if they are stolen or damaged whilst being loaded or unloaded, carried by, or temporarily kept in your vehicle. Covering anything from ladders to power tools, knowing they’re financially covered whatever happens will be a real load off your mind.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance will cover you financially in the face of a range of legal risks, even including time missed from work for jury service. This insurance is a great add-on to your other core policies as it will provide a legal defence costing up to £50,000 to help you out should you ever need it.

Tax Enquiry Insurance

Tax Enquiry Insurance which will provide you with valuable support in the event of a tax enquiry or dispute with HMRC. Given that self-employed contractors are at higher risk of being the subject of a tax enquiry or attempt at tax reclassification (under IR35 reform rules), this insurance could come in handy.

It will cover the costs of a legal expert to work on your case and defend you, while you don’t have to spend a penny out of pocket.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This policy is ideal for gardeners, installers and fitters who provide advice or designs in a professional capacity. The insurance will cover the cost incurred if a customer claims to have suffered financial loss resulting from your professional guidance.


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Accidents happen. Public Liability Insurance keeps you covered if your client or a member of the public suffers an injury or damage to their property which was your fault...

Your tools are important for getting the work done. This policy is perfect for tradesmen who regularly carry tools in their vehicle, and rely on the tools to earn an income...

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