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Having the right level of cover as a Driving Instructor can save you a lot of time and stress and let you focus on helping your students to master parallel parking or three-point turns. 

There are various skills you need as a Driving Instructor. Patience, people skills and the ability to distil confusing information into an easy, practicable and digestive way. You could have all this and more, but without a decent business insurance policy, why would students and parents pick your service?

The importance of DRIVING INSTRUCTOR insurance

Where would we be without our handy Driving Instructors? Most of us would likely still be riding around on horseback. With that said, it's essential to understand the value insurance adds to your business. Not only can it protect you, your equipment or the people around you. But it can also offer you new business avenues and appeal to more customers. 

At Rhino Trade Insurance, we insure thousands of tradespeople and self-employed individuals all over the country. We offer specialist policies for almost every profession, and that doesn't stop with Driving Instructors.


Public Liability Insurance FOR DRIVING INSTRUCTORS

No matter if you are a newly qualified driving instructor or have been hard at it for most of your career. Working in this profession has its risks. Because of this, we offer what is deemed our most popular type of insurance. Public Liability Insurance for Driving Instructors

This policy gets you moving in the business insurance world. Although it isn't a legal requirement (which is crazy for what it covers), it's a solid starting block. Think of it like this; everything grows from this cover. If you want gadget cover, you can get it, but it would be like buying tyres and wheels when you don't have a vehicle. 

Having a rock-solid public liability insurance policy protects you against the worst happening. If you manage to damage a customer's property, you are covered. If you injure a customer or member of the public, you are covered. Even in the unfortunate scenario of accidentally causing death, you are covered. The positives of this protection far outweigh any negatives you can come up with. And starting at just £72.80 a year, you'd be missing out big time!

But how would this cover me? We hear you ask. Well, let's imagine one of your students injures themselves when getting out of your car. They could decide to make a compensation claim against your business. This is where your Public Liability policy will cover you for any compensation costs. 

Rhino Trade Insurance can offer Driving Instructors Public Liability Insurance for just £6.07 a month. Within our policies, you can decide to take out a cover level of £1 million, £2 million or £5 million. Why not grab a quick and easy quote here?


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Whether you have a single car and train the locals to drive or run a fledgling school of instructors, your safest bet is to get Driving Instructor Insurance. Not only will it keep you and your business safe, but it will protect others and ultimately can keep you afloat. It just makes sound business sense. 

At Rhino HQ. Our team of expert insurance brokers came up with some amazing and tailored policies specifically for you:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a brilliant add-on for any Driving Instructor. It's there for anyone who provides bad advice (not that you intend to do so). Let's imagine for a second that you train a student in the ways of driving, and they make mistakes/ do things wrong in their test. They could make a compensation claim against your business due to 'bad advice', and your professional indemnity insurance would cover this. 

For just under £20 a month, this insurance could save you thousands in compensation. It also provides up to £2 million in indemnity

Employers' Liability Insurance

You must hold Employers' Liability Insurance under UK law if you have employees or staff members. This one saves your bacon in case an employee causes damages to a customer's property, somehow injures them through the work you set them or causes accidental death! 

A policy of this nature starts at just £72.80 a year, which is a bargain compared to the £2,500 a day fine you could face if you are found not to hold this insurance. 

Legal Expenses Insurance 

Legal Expenses Insurance protects Driving Instructors who find themselves in a spot of legal trouble. If you are summoned to court or face being sued, this policy will provide defence and legal assistance and offers up to £50,000 in legal fee protection. 

Our blog post here lets you get more info about Legal Expenses Insurance. Alternatively, please find out more by giving our team a call on 0116 243 7904.

Personal Accident Insurance

Starting at just £7.42 a month, our Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance is a really popular policy for self-employed professionals. As a Driving Instructor, what would you do if you couldn't work for an extended period of time? How will you earn money or pay expenses?

That's what this insurance protects. If you are injured or sick and cannot work, we will cover you with a lump sum payment of up to £50,000 that can go towards your salary and bills. 

We also offer several other top insurance policies for Driving Instructors, such as: Tax Enquiry Insurance and Gadget Insurance. The cherry on the cake? Our prices are, on average, up to 40% cheaper than most competitors!


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How Much Does DRIVING INSTRUCTOR Insurance Cost?

If we haven't made it super clear, our insurance is extremely cost-effective! Our prices start at just £6.07 a month, less than a Netflix membership. 

For us to get a clearer idea of the level of Driving Instructor cover you need will depend on a handful of answers you give us. We'll need some short pieces of info on your business, what you do, and your turnover to get an idea of the risk you pose. 

The easiest way to determine your price is to get a quote online now. We designed a super-fast quote engine that takes under a minute to give you a price.



Why Choose Rhino for your DRIVING INSTRUCTOR Insurance?

If the above hasn't quite convinced you, then maybe this will. Our insurance is rated extremely high by the people who use it. Why not check out our thousands of 5-star reviews here? 

Alternatively, our wonderful team is based in Leicester and are actual humans; there are no robot phone calls here! Give them a call now on 0116 243 7904, as they are available six days a week to get your insurance set up.

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